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The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle, #1)
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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 11 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Okay so I have been reading this book a fair bit today and I am truly loving it. I really enjoy all of the characters and I think its superbly well-written too which makes me extremely happy.

I like the character of Peter and the situation he is in with the Sossag. He started off as a character I was intrigued by but didn't care too much about whereas now I believe him to be a really great character who will no doubt develop as the story goes on.
I liked when he saved Ota Qwan, even though he (and I) didn't always agree with Ota Qwan's approach. He seems genuinely sweet and caring and he's also adapting to their way of living too. It also seems that he my have earned their respect and even a bit of a following now which is really cool.
I think he has the potential to grow into a really interesting and possibly influential character and it's really interesting to see the cross over between the men of Sossag and the Wild beasts because they're a little bit of both.

I'm also really liking the characters of Kaitlin and Michael and their relationship is super sweet. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing them happily settled down somewhere, but I do have a bad feeling about Michael and that maybe he won't make it so maybe that's not in their future... who knows.
I think they're both young and fairly innocent and I like both of them, so whilst I don't hold out too much hope for their relationship lasting too long, I do hope he marries her and that they get some time...

Desiderata is a really head-strong and wonderful woman it seems. She has no problem sorting out sall of the supplies for the Army and doing her best, no matter what, to ensure success for the Kingdom and her King. I do believe that she does love the King even though she never states it too clearly, and I think even though he's older they have a genuine loving relationship.
I also really admired her when she said they could sell all her jewels to buy warhorses and she would be going into the fray to meet her husband and stand by his side. Both of these acts are selfless and kind-hearted and although at first I thought her a harsh and harder character I think she's pretty genuine and her good deeds will help the people of the kingdom for sure.

I thought that the scene with Thorn and all of the creatures of the Wild was really cool to see because there's so many awesome types of beast we have within this book. I liked seeing each of their personalities and challenges to his power and strategy and I think it's such a cool idea to see both sides of the argument.
It's interesting that the creatures of the Wild are actually pretty intelligent and know what they are doing and talking about, it makes the playing field a little more level and tough, and it really puts a challenge to both the humans they fight and to Thorn who tries to control them.

We also got a small reveal about how potentially Harmodius was actually Thorn's pupil at one point. I thought this was kind of already hinted at from Harmodius' POV but I think this connection could prove very interesting and the fact that they're not on very different sides is interesting also!

I am enjoying the Red Knight's character a lot now too. I think his decisions and moves are usually very well planned out and he's good at taking strategic risks when he needs to as well.
I also liked the hints he gave to Sauce about the Wild creatures always attacking him first and I wonder what about him draws them to him. I am sure this could be something to do with the glowing eyes, and maybe he can draw on the powers of the Wild or something too, who knows...

On the whole although I doubt I'll finish this today I am certainly not too far from finishing it and very excited about finishing it and finding out where it's all leading :)

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