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The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle, #1)
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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 7 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
So I really liked this chapter and getting to see a bit more of Thorn's personality. I think he's a really interesting character and the fact that he's not a man any longer or doesn't consider himself to be shows us he must have been away from civilisation for a while.
I like how it seems that he was someone famous before, gathering armies and so forth, but now he;s flipped sides, and I wonder what his true backstory is and when that will be revealed to us. I'm really enjoying seeing his magic too and the way he can pretty much do anything with it, he's going to be a hard one to beat.

I'm liking the character of the King too. I love that he immediately goes to rescue and help the Abbess because I feel like he's a just and fair King, and it's nice to have a genuinely 'good' King in a fantasy story for once (not always involved in some plot...or at least not yet!).
I liked how the situation with jean was handled and although I still don't like Jean I think their relationship is essential to the King defeating the Wild and I wonder just how reliant the King will become on Jean.

Finally I just wanted to mention that there's a character named Kaitlin and for me that made me so happy as I have never seen a character who spells my name as I do before (and I like her character too) so that's just a personal little hooray :)

Certainly looking forward to reading more of this and although I don't know if I'll get it finished up this week before the end of the month (I was ill for a little while unfortunately and hadn't a massive amount of time for reading this) I will be finishing this up soon for sure!

D.H. | 7 comments I liked this chapter, too.
Having read the other threats, I am sad to know that I’m the only one who likes Amicia. Well, maybe like is too strong a word. Her "hot and cold" with the captain is a bit annoying, but I do think she cares for others, as can be seen in her efforts to heal the men. And even though her banter is nowhere near as funny as the Red Knight’s banter with the Abbess, I do find their conversations amusing. Especially when she brings out the captain’s immature side (“But you like me!!!”) and thereby reminding us how young he really is.
I also liked how Bad Tom tries to tell the captain to have some fun with the nun. I like how he tries to give the captain some advice, which shows that he cares for him or at least respects him very much. And it goes both ways: I really like how the captain reflects upon his men and cares for them. He thinks about them a lot during the day.
I found it interesting that Bad Tom points out that the captain wants his men to love him. That is my impression as well. He wants to be respected and loved. Could it be because of his often hinted at bad childhood that he craves love and admiration?
The bit about Bent and the rules of gambling was funny as well. I like how the captain walks the fine line between strict rules and serious behavior and being humorous with his men or complimentary and appreciative when they have done a good job.
But my favorite part of this chapter was the Red Knight's conversation with his squire Michael about the lost lives of some civilians. The captain thinks it’s his fault and it weighs on him. I see this a lot in books: the leader blames himself and whines about it for the rest of the book. Not that that’s always a bad thing, mind you. It is supposed to show us how much the leader cares. Or, in other books, the leader makes a decision, people die and he does not care at all, since casualties or mistakes are unavoidable. But in this book I really like how the captain’s handles that guilt. He says it’s his fault, that he “fucked their lives away” by being distracted that day. He says that he can’t go to pieces about it, but he can’t forget it either. So next time, no such mistake. He needs to do better. And he tells Michael that this is what being in command means.
I think this also once again shows that despite his arrogance, or rather the fact that he knows that he is competent as a leader, he has doubts. But those doubts don't stop him from being decisive.
I have one question about the Red Knight’s eyes. When he was angry, right now I don’t remember why, his eyes were “glowing”. This is I think the second time this came up. And I finally got that they were really glowing, like unnaturally. And since he is the only one with glowing eyes, it can’t be normal for anyone who can work magic, like I thought at first. Was this explained somewhere?
This chapter also reveals a secret and possibly the Red Knight’s name (finally!). We can’t be a hundred percent sure, but Gawin aka Hard Hands talks about ganging up on his older brother, just like the Red Knight talked about having constantly been beaten up by his younger brothers in a previous chapter. So I immediately thought that Gawin is the captain’s brother. Also, both talked about a wrecked home life, much screaming at home or heavy drinking. In his first chapter at the beginning of the book, Gawin also talked about having killed his brother and that being the reason he faced the Wild at one point. Could he mean the Red Knight or a different brother? If so, the Red Knight is obviously alive. Did he fake his own death?
Anyway, should Gawin really be his brother, we now know the Red Knight’s name. I’m not sure whether to type it here, in case not everyone caught it.
Concerning other characters in this chapter, I found it funny how sister Miriam told the three boys off when they were looking for “female company”. Poor Michael. ;-) But female company he did find, as was revealed by the end of the chapter. ;-) Speaking of which, I also had to think of you, Kaitlin, when I read the character’s name. But I didn’t know it was such a rare name. I am not from an English speaking country and I thought the name was rather common in English speaking countries. But I guess spelled with a C then?
Anway, Kaitlin is the only one of the Lanthorn sisters that I like. But I did find their “marry a noble club meeting” quite funny. It reminded me of the Bennett sisters, just that the Lanthorns (except Kaitlin) are more vulgar (for lack of a better word) and open.
Let us hope sister Miriam does not find out about her and Michael. However, Kaitlin’s sisters will probably be thrilled, seeing as Michael is supposed to come from a very noble family.
I'm interested in Thorn's backstory as well. His POV is more interesting to me now than it was at the beginning.

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Completely agree with many of the points you made D.H! I really am interested in this book and it's got me hooked now. I personally hadn't picked up on the potential of Gawin and The Red Knight being brothers but it's certainly a possibility!

Also the glowing eyes is a very cool aspect I forgot to mention so I'm glad you brought that up and I hope it's something we will learn more about over time :)

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
And yes, Kaitlin is not an unusual name any more but it's usually spelled Caitlin, Catelyn, Katelin etc (Literally this is the first time I've ever seen it spelt my way ;) And also, I really like her character too, but not her sisters as you said!

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