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The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle, #1)
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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 2 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Chapter 2 is a bit shorter than chapter 1 which is nice and in this once we once more meet new characters and learn more about the structure of the world.

We meet Desiderata, the Queen first as she is in her rooms with her old maid. She seems to be a very vain and sly character who not only knows of her beauty and charm but fully uses it to her advantages to get her own way.
I instantly think she will be a major player in the events of this story and it seems that whilst the King is the ruler of the Kingdom, she certainly has a lot of sway with the King and getting him to do what she wishes.

Next we meet the King himself, and we see Ranald Lachlan who is one of his men-at-arms and is a hillsman. It seems that Ranald is going back to his home after a summons from his brother for aid, and he also wishes to prove his worth and become rich so that he is a worthy suitor for one of the Queens' ladies.
I like the King because although the Queen clearly has a lot of sway with him he too knows how to manage people and seems to be able to control and organise everyone with ease. It seems that he will be a competent ruler and I wonder what his concerns about the Wilds are and how much control he has over them.

We also see a little more of the Red Knight and the fight between Bad Tom and the Captain. The fight was well-written and easy to visualise which I appreciated a lot and it meant that I got a feel for those characters and the techniques they employ.

Overall it's a promising continuation and I wonder what will happen to entangle the Royalty storyline with that of the Red Knight and whether they actually know about him and his band or not...

D.H. | 7 comments So far I like the King, too. However, I think a good King is bad for novels, so I think there might be more to him than meets the eye right now.
I think he was way too hard on “Hard Hands”. Making him leave the court and face the Wild for having given the Queen and the ladies of the court a casual compliment? I didn’t understand the King’s reaction at all.

The Queen seems to be the typical shallow, vain queen. But I like that she seems to take care of her maids. She tries to give them advice and protect them. I liked her whole “Love no man for what he owns, but only for what he does.”

Like Kaitlin I'm also interested in how the Royalty storyline will entangle with the other storylines.
Do you think it will be the classic "the Royals enjoy themselves while we suffer from attacks of the Wild and the King fails to protect us, we must rise against him" or do you think the story is headed elsewhere?

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Teanka What I'm thinking about having read this chapter is what in fact is the Wild? I mean, when I try to visualise it I'm just thinking about a forest, and why would people want to attack it if they don't want to settle down there? I didn't like that to prove himself, Hard Hands had to get at least three trophies from the Wild. This means i.e. animals' heads, right? Slightly disgusting and seemingly unnecessary.

I enjoyed the duel scene a lot, but then good fighting descriptions were only to be expected from an author who is a writer of historical ancient/medieval fiction. I'm looking forward to similar scenes and enjoy the Red Knight's character even more.

Personally I don't agree that the queen is typical, vain or shallow. She obviously has her own agenda and is a good actress. She knows what she is doing, is very pretty and knows how to use it. She is also protective of her maids which is a nice feature, I agree. And just as the Red Knight she is witty and has a sense of humour. As for the King, it's hard to judge yet because we haven't seen his thoughts. He's obviously madly in love with the queen and a good deal older than her. Also he seems to be a strong ruler, but it has yet to be proven.

Overall, I think that this story has lots of potential and I like where it's headed so will gladly proceed on with the rest of it :)

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