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A Pretty Little Plot (Mary MacDougall Mysteries, #1)
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A Pretty Little Plot (A Mary MacDougall Mystery, #1) by Richard Audry Richard Audry

Genre: Historical mystery

A Pretty Little Plot (A Mary MacDougall Mystery #1)

Book Description:

For 18-year-old Mary MacDougall, the highlight of her 1901 summer vacation is the painting class taught by the darkly handsome Edmond Roy. But when Mr. Roy is accused of kidnapping two of his own pupils, it falls to Mary to dig up the truth.

Is Mr. Roy merely an innocent painter of landscapes and still lifes? Or a devilishly clever criminal? Should Mary defend him? Or fear him?

As she feels her way through her very first investigation, Mary not only learns the hidden facts of the case. She discovers the real secrets are those that she finds deep in her own heart. The imperious young heiress is not as immune to feelings of attraction as she thought. Mr. Roy has awakened a longing within her.

Will Mary MacDougall help to exonerate the man? Or condemn him to years in prison?

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Hi, I'd love to review your book! My email's, and I'd like a mobi copy. Thanks!

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sent in your request Abigail

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Carolyn Injoy (carolyninjoy) I would like to read please.
Carolyn Injoy

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sent in your request

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Carolyn Injoy (carolyninjoy) Thank you. :)

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