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Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #2)
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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 16 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

message 2: by Paul (last edited Feb 21, 2015 05:19PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Paul (paul_sff) | 68 comments Wow, that was the best chapter of the book. In fact, Erikson''s writing in this chapter hit a high point for me. Nothing GotM or previously in DG came close to this chapter. I absolutely loved the conversation between Icarium and Apsalar. The raw emotion that Mappo is experiencing around Icarium regaining his identity is amazing. These 2 have been just amazing to read about.

The Duiker section was also extremely good. The carnage, the brutality, and the simple sheer will that these refugees have to stay alive is so soul crushing.

I was thinking about giving this book a 3 until this chapter, but wow, that chapter really impressed me. At lease a 4 now. I want more poignant and deep emotional chapters like this one.

Alex Willis (fightingokra) | 71 comments I echo Paul's sentiments for this chapter. Erikson really captured the brotherly love Moppo and Icarium have for one another. Talk about going from one extreme to another we go from the touching scene almost immediately into the chaos the 7th and their refugees find themselves in.

The nobles have questioned Coltaine's strategy of their protection, make a back door deal only to have it backfire in their faces. Coltaine knew what Korbolo Dom was up to and shot his idea down. Even when he learned of the nobles acceptance of the deal he put his own men amongst the nobles in hopes of getting them safely across the river. I am finding Coltaine to be a very wise, noble leader. He has won me over as one of my favorite character in the series.

I actually enjoyed Duiker's chocking of Nethpara, since Nethpara was one of the catalysts in this massacre by accepting Korbolo Dom's offer instead of being loyal to Coltaine and the 7th. Maybe just maybe the surviving nobles will have respect for Coltaine's authority and leadership.

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Really agree with Alex and Paul on this chapter. It was by far the best and the most engaging of the whole series and book so far. I too was considering a 3* rating but that's certainly been pushed up for the moment by that chapter and I have the feeling that the intensity will continue to increase.

I loved the whole scene with Icarium and his emotional moments with first Apsalar and then Mappo. It's certainly a sad situation he's been reduced to, yet I feel like his acceptance makes it bittersweet and he's atoning for what he's done before. I loved the character relationships we see here and the intensity of emotions and feelings was wonderful and very realistic.

I also loved seeing the Hounds again! That's something I've wanted since seeing the cover of this book, and I am happy that we have seen them once more. I am intrigued as to why Mappo fears Shen the most of them all (I'm sure there's more to that) and I think it will be interesting to see what really happens when they take away Icarium.

Pust certainly became a more exciting and fun character for me in this section where he was constantly speaking his plans aloud and giving his own games away, but yet not revealing much either! I think he's one I will enjoy seeing more of as the story continues for sure.

I was astonished by the sheer atrocious power of Icarium. Fancy crushing cities! But I think the whole eternal 'lockup' situation may not be the end of him... It's hard to tell with this series as you're never sure if someone will be gone for good.

Dukier's storyline is certainly brutal and engaging for that reason. I did like seeing him strangle Nethpara too, gruesome as that was, for the same reason as Alex. I do think that this story is certainly filled with so much more brutality and warfare and whilst I do enjoy seeing it, Dukier's story just isn't as exciting as the others for me at the moment, purely personal taste, but hey ho, it's still interesting too and well-realised!

On the whole I think this was a much more awesome chapter and really got me wayyyy more into this book and the characters and story. I will hopefully be finishing this up very very soon and seeing what everyone thought of it all. Certainly excited for the end after that explosive chapter anyway!

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