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Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #2)
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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 5 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

Alex Willis (fightingokra) | 71 comments This was a very Fiddler heavy chapter which gave us the big reveal of the emperor not being assassinated but ascended as Cotillion (hope I got that right). Apsalar still holds The Rope's memories and obviously her skills are still in tact even though she is indeed Apsalar and not Sorry. Fiddler has a love for the girl but being an assassin I am not sure if his love is for Apsalar or Sorry.

The is a lot of violence in this chapter as we approach the Whirlwind. Kalam delivers the sacred book to Sha'ik with intentions to double cross her by killing the empress and bring the Whirlwind rebellion to a halt.

We are left with Sha'ik being murdered but her servant revealing she told them she will be renewed. This, of course, keeps with our theme of rejuvenation that we saw several times in the first book.

I really enjoyed this chapter. I was wrapped up in Fiddler's journey and was completely surprised at the Sha'ik's quick death. I feel like the big reveal of the emperor becoming ascended may have far reaching consequences.

Evan | 67 comments Actually both the Emperor Kellanved and his right hand man Dancer both ascended. Kellanved and Dancer are Shadowthrone and Cotillion respectively.

What I love about this, and it's one of my favorite pieces of forshadowing from Gardens of the Moon, is that Erikson basically told us this was the case from page 2 of the book.

'The Emperor is dead.
So too his master'd companion, the rope cut clean.'

Just that association with Dancer of 'the rope' and he went on to ascend and become Cotillion The Rope. Love it.

Alex Willis (fightingokra) | 71 comments Yes, forgot about Dancer thanks.

Why do I feel I am the only person reading the book for the group? Even so this book is amazing and a great step up from GotM which I loved.

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
This chapter was one I really liked and seeing all the backstory of the Emperor and Dancer was great. I loved finding out that they were actually Shadowthrone and Cotillion and that certainly makes everything that's been happening pretty interesting!!

Really looking forward to seeing what happens next with Kalam as his quest to deliver the book is over so I guess it's now off to kill the Empress (I do hope he succeeds, although I wonder who will take over if he does) which should be an adventure as I'm sure she's protected somehow!

I am definitely enjoying this book a lot now and want to try and read it more :D

I did enjoy the sections with Fiddler and Apsalar and Crokus as their story is just one of the more interesting ones to me and the fact that we get answers when Crokus is asking questions is something I enjoy a lot!

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Paul (paul_sff) | 68 comments not completely done with this chapter but that reveal of Dancer and Kellanved blew me away. That is why I started Malazan, for those moments. So much of GotM makes more sense after that. I outloud said waaaaatttt no way

Edit: Then the assassination of the Shi'ik, but I think she is going to be ok somehow. This is the chapter that really got my attention.

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