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Look Back in Anger: The Omnibus Edition (Episodes 1-6)
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Look Back in Anger The Omnibus Edition (Episodes 1-6) by S.N. Graves S.N. Graves

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Dark Urban Fantasy

Look Back in Anger: The Omnibus Edition (Episodes 1-6)

Book Description:

Look Back in Anger is a paranormal romance with shifters and zombies and lethal spray cheese!

This Omnibus Edition collects the six Look Back in Anger episodes into a single volume for ease of reading and to provide an alternative way to read the serial for those who aren't using Kindle Unlimited.

"She’d never thought of herself as unwell. Not in the way he seemed to be implying. Maybe she’d never quite felt whole, never quite felt complete or content with her life, but that wasn't the same as unwell. She’d filled her life with work, with animals, with machines to distract from what was missing, that intangible something she’d never been able to put a name to.

Arles. Arles was its name."


SynthPet technician Samantha can't remember much of being a child, but the scraps of memory she clings to all hold the same terror--Arles Colfter. Now he's blackmailing her, threatening her elderly father, and forcing her to face a past long buried.

Plus she's pretty sure he's a baby-eating werewolf.

All Sam wants is to live quietly with her herd of cats and one-eared dog, but backed into a corner by Arles and his freak show assortment of family, she's forced to unravel a thorny tangle of truth and lies, or risk being dragged down the rabbit hole into Arles's world of intrigue, gun-toting vigilantes, and...zombies.

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Sharon (seb1) | 137 comments I would like to read and review this book in mobi format, if possible. I review on Goodreads and Amazon - thanks!

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S.N. Graves (sngraves) | 3 comments Sent as a mobi! Let me know if you have any trouble viewing the file. Thank you so much!

Sharon (seb1) | 137 comments Looks great - thank you!

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