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What do you think of the Kate Daniels Series??

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This book is awesome!! I have read a lot of books, and there is nothing like this series. The story is set in the future, where there are "magic and tech waves". On minute your chilling around enjoying the technology and the next a magic wave hits and gas powered cars, guns and phones don't work. Awesome!!!

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Cassandra Frederick I wasn't too fond of the first one, but with each book, I'm loving this series more and more. I think the world building is awesome and I just adore Kate.

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Kat One of my favorite series! The world and characters keeps developing and getting better and better with each new novel. Typically I find that series wane after the first book or two, but this series does the exact opposite! Love it!

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And don't you just love how you can never guess what's going to happen next??.awesome

Darrell One of my favorites easily. Kate and Curran are a perfect team and keep the books going. Simply can't get enough of that series.

Miku One of my fave book. Have re-read it for so many times. Kate and Curran are a perfect couple and a team. The whole story is well written and I just like how great Kate is.

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I can't wait until the next book comes out in August... :-)

Sparrowlicious I only read the first one so far and actually kind of liked it? Kate is quite incredible. The only thing I was missing in this book were more female characters. Okay, so Kate can kick ass, we all understand that but where are the other female characters?
Sooo many of the supporting characters could've been female but nope. Male characters everywhere. And just like that, Kate becomes the 'exception' in a 'man's world'. Ergh, that's really disappointing if you think about it.
Well, I got the second one at home already so I hope it will get better there. I'm no fan of 'dumb romance' (aka 'why are you romanticising abuse and neglet' kind of romance that happens far too often in YA books of any kind) so I hope Kate will end up with someone decent since I already saw people shelving the second book as 'romance'. Eh.
I got my hopes up for more magic fights and stuff though. Shifters were cool too.

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Sparrowlicious, my only advice is to keep reading... I don't want to give you any spoilers, but a lot of what you don't like about the first book is taken car of in the next few books!! :-) Also, I would for sure call the rest of the series more of a Adventure/ Si Fi/ Action more than a romance.

Kyra  Lucio Awesome! I love the series and I can't wait for the upcoming book in August. Kate and Curran is one of my favorite couples out of many paranormal series!

Cup a tea Great series, waiting to read #4. Kate just gets the job done, however, as tough as she is she cares so much for her friends. thought it was so sad when she listed everything she misses out on--- someone waiting for her at home, caring if she is okay etc. I'm looking forward to her partnership with Curran.

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