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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Here we are

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Wawa Yay!

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Awesome.

So my idea is

A girl is unruly, hard to control, scandalous, and has a problem with athourity. She is sent to a catholic bparding school. Here she is still up to hwr old ways until a Preist gets his hands on her and whips her into shape, literally. He opened her eyes to new things, ans helps hee see the woman she wants to be.

What he hasnt tol her, is that he is a vampire, and that he wants to turn her and keep her for all of eternity.

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Wawa it'll have S&M or something?

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Yea, of thays okay. Nothing to intense, i promise. But if you dont feel comfortable then we can cut thay out.

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Wawa Um, I've never actually rp-ed S&M.

Is the priest much older?

Do you have other ideas?

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Well it wouldn't be too intese, it would be some light bondage, and spanking.

Not to much older, there would be maybe an eight or nine age gap. Give or take.

And yes I have other ideas if your not comfortable.

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Wawa Haha. I'm not uncomfortable, I'm just not sure I can pull it off. Let's hear the other ideas please. Haha. Sorry.

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Its cool.

Father and son falls for mother and daughter that moved in next door but not in the way you think. The son falls for the mother and the father falls for the daughter.

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Wawa How old are these pairs? I'm not really into underage stuff, that's why I keep asking.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Oh no nothing under aged, not really into that either.

You can pick the age of your characters and I'll match.

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Wawa Cool beans. Okay. I don’t mind the one with four characters. At least we can each be a female and male yeah?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Yeah, that sounds awesome. Would you like to add to the plot, or build off what I have in mind?

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Wawa I don't mind building off of what you have.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Okay, so I got;

Maybe we can set it in an earlier time period, like the 1800's or the 1900's.

If it's set in the 1800's the father and son could be a family of noble blood, and maybe the son's mother was a whore but he doesn't know that, his father told him that she died giving birth to him(or something along those lines, or nothing like that haha).

And the mother and daughter are maids, or the mother could have been a maid but works extra hard so her daughter could go the best schools and such so that she never has to work for these rich nobles(or something along those lines, or nothing like that lol).

Well, they can meet, when the mother is hired to cook and clean for the noble family....

If it is set in the 1900's then it could be set in the twenties, and the mother and daughter could be women of color. Making it a forbidden romance.

Or it could be set in a different country completely, like England. The father and son are apart of the royal family, and the mother and daughter are Dutchesses from a different country.

Or it could be set in modern times, but the father and son are supernatural beings.

I have a lot more if none of these tickle your fancy.

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Wawa Haha. Okay. I usually play black characters for most, if not all my rps. Interracial coupling still makes people uncomfortable these days so it could be set in the 1920s or in the modern society. I like the idea of the mum being a maid and the daughter going to a more prestigious school but I'm trying to figure out how the daughter and the father are meeting. maybe they live in the rich man's house? I was just thinking of combining your set of ideas into one solid structure, what do you think?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments I love that idea!!! So it can be set in the 1920s, in Colorado. The father is the mayor of the town, giving the family noth high rank and money.

So they purchase a colored maid, but what thwy dont know is she has a free daughter. She is kept hidden for as long as possible, but the son catches her sneaking into their slaves courters....

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Wawa Cool. So who do you want to be and is the romantic pairing the way that you said earlier, father- daughter, mother-son or are we changing it?

Who do you want to be since it's your idea?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments If you wish to change it than we can. But if you don't then I'd want to be the Son and Daughter.

message 20: by Wawa (new)

Wawa No it's fine. It's odd, but eh...I can try.

I may not be much of a convincing father or mother but i shall try. :)

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments We can change it, Make the mother and daughter sisters instead. The old sister(21) works so that the younger sister(19) can go to school.

The father and son can be brothers (25-27), living in the house with their dying father, trying to figure out who is going to take what after he passes.

Does that work better?

message 22: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Will it still be in the 1920s or are we changing the error as well?

message 23: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments I like the era, I rhink that could stay thw same.

message 24: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Okie dokie

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments So we each take a sister and a brother, eldest with eldest and youngest with youngest.

How do you like your character layout to be, more detailed or simple?

message 26: by Wawa (new)

Wawa I like simple. It gets the rp underway faster.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Okay can you make yoir first, it doeant mayter who yoi choose

message 28: by Wawa (new)

Wawa I'll try but I'll have to do it a little later because of class.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments I understand, I'll be working on mine as well

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments |Full Name|
Gwenivere (Gwen) Moore

19 (nineteen) going on 20 (twenty)



Gwen and her sister's mother died when the girls were 19 and 17 going on 18. She left her older sister in charge, meaning she had to drop out of school while Gwen continued. She hated being the youngest at that moment, she didn't want her sister to give up her education for her. But it didn't seem like her sister minded.

|Full Name|
Mathew Cartwright

27 (twenty-seven)



Mathew was the first born into a rich household in the twenties. His family sent him to the best school, and when it was time for college he went to the same law school his father went too. His brother and him were always in competition, but he never really saw it like that, that is why his father would probably not pick him, he always cared for his brother. He didn't see him like an opponent, his saw him as his baby brother.

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Wawa Name: Abigail [Abby] Moore

Age: 21 but almost 22 years

Gender: Female

Abby is a strict, rule abiding person. She does not like trouble and she’s always quick to reprimand her sister. She works hard and she would like to be in school but she pretends that she doesn’t so that her sister doesn’t feel guilty for being the only one in school. She is stubborn as well but secretly likes to let her hair down once in a while.



Name: Jackson Cartwright

Age: 25 years

Gender: Male

Abby is competitive, friendly, charismatic and sometimes carefree. He decided to become a doctor. He often has opposing views from his brother and he is often trying to stir up a discussion even though he respects the man. He is dedicated to his work.


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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Yay! Would you like me to start? Or would you like to start?

message 33: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Yes. Please feel free to begin.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments It was a gloomy Monday, but what else did you expect to get from a Monday, the rain was falling quite hard adding more weight to the shoulder's of the Moore sisters. It hadn't even been six months since their mother had passed, and they had to jump right back into work. Abigail had an interview with some this afternoon while Gwen had to go to school. Their mother had managed to get them into the best schools, despite their color, so they were both very smart though Gwen would argue that Abby was much smarter than her. But it hurt both the girl to know that Abby had to leave school so that Gwen could continue to go.

Gwen would always feel a pang of guilt deep in her chest every time she dressed for school and watched her sister dress for work. And today was no different, "Abby let me go job searching with you, I don't need to go to school." Gwen pleaded, she hated seeing her sister take on the role of mother, she was too young for that role and that was a burden she didn't need to carry alone.


Meanwhile on the other side of town, the Cartwright brothers were also getting up to meet at their father's estate. Since he has grown more and more ill of the last few months, the boys have been coming home more often to take care of both their father and the upkeep of the large ex-plantation. Their mother was happy for it, seeing her boys every day warmed her heart.

Mathew fixed the tie around his neck before he grabbed her hat and jacket. It was a good walk to the house, and he would meet up with his brother on the there. He went over his agenda in his head as he walked down the steps of his apartment and out the door. It was going to be a long day, interviewing a new head of staff and cook, his brother had to look over their father. He shook his head at the thought of his father dying, it was so surreal, he had been around for so long he and his brother took his for granted. He stopped out front his brothers home and looked at his watch, Hurry...

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Wawa Abby adjusted the hem of her skirt and scrutinised herself in the mirror. It would do. It had to. This was her last option. The job was going to be fairly easy. It was the hiring that would be more difficult to achieve. There were a lot of black women who wanted to work at a big estate and where she was going was going to be a big estate. She didn’t even care what she was applying for she qualified for both spaces and she was prepared to prove her worth.
She was just picking up her bag when Gwen spoke to her. She turned to her sister with a frown on her face and shook her head. “Gwen, don’t be silly. You will go to school and you will work hard. Leave the working to me,” she shook her head and walked up to her sister and pinched her cheeks. “Kick those people’s butts.” She said with a grin and went back to get her handbag. Some days, Abigail felt like it was unfair but she had learned to suck it up. She had to keep the roof over their heads and Gwenivere in school like she had promised her mother. It was now her duty to be the ‘mother’ of the family and she wasn’t going to disappoint.


Jackson slipped on his left shoe, his tie hang around his neck loosely. He had had a late shift and he hadn’t managed to wake up on time. He hated being late especially when Matthew was sure to be ready before him. He had lost this contest but he would win another time. Besides, his mind should be on their father and not on who was better, which clearly Jackson was.

He jogged down the steps of his apartment, slipping on his jacket and holding his hat in his teeth. “Good morning,” he said in a muffled voice due to the hat in his mouth. He did up his tie as he joined his brother on the side walk and smiled at him. “Did you sleep well?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye. One more little competition wouldn’t hurt anyone. He finished up his tie and put on his hat. “I slept great,” he chimed in before his brother could reply and shook the contents of his medical bag as he swung it.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Gwenivere smiled at her sister, but it didn't reach her eyes, she felt bad for sister. She knew she loved school, and Gwen loved watching her in school, she was so smart and talented. Better than any of those white folks, and they knew it too. She fixed the collar of her shirt he uniform was modest, knee length skirt and a plain collared white dress shirt. Her wild brown curls were pulled up and out of her face. She looked herself over one last time before she grabbed her jacket and her sister umbrella, so she didn't have to carry it, and followed her out the door of their small apartment.


Matthew smiled to his brother as he jogged out of his home. "Good morning," he said in reply, of course his brother was the competitive type, and their father loved that about him. He was about to answer his brother's question when Jackson answered it himself. Mat couldn't help but chuckle, "I'm glad for it. I know you had a long night a the hospital so its good that you got some sleep," he said as he began walking, flipping the collar of his jacket up, so his neck wouldn't get wet.
"So will you me interviewing the maids, or shall I? He asked, his brother, trying to make conversation as they walked.

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Wawa Abby tried picked up her bag and swung it onto her shoulder. She examined Gwen’s outfit critically and nodded her approval before getting out of their small house. “We’ll walk by the train tracks today then I’ll leave you at school,” she informed her sister, flattening her own hair with her hands so that it didn’t look too wild. She wasn’t particularly excited about getting the job but at least for once she had an interview. It had been a few months of struggle and hopefully she would manage at this one. She missed school and sometimes while Gwen was asleep she rifled through the girl’s books to see what she was learning and it made her smile. “Try not to cause any trouble at school today.” she said to Gwen as she wrapped her hand around the girl’s waist.


“I have to attend to father. I’m very suspicious of his physician. I want to make sure he’s actually being taken care of so you can as well interview them. Are you still looking for a cook as well?” he asked quietly. His brother would be more thorough than him. He tended to forget what he was doing and prefer friendly conversation. His brother was more efficient and careful about how he conducted business that’s why he was the lawyer and Jackson was the doctor. “But don’t take too long Matt. We should go out to the town tonight and meet some ladies.” He said grinning widely at his brother.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Gwen smiled and wrapped her arms around her sisters neck, holding her close as they began walking, the rain had let up by now. "I will do my best," she teased with a smile, Gwen was the sister who always somehow landed herself in trouble. And Abby was the one who always got her out of it, but since their mother passed Gwen had changed... some.
"I know you will do good at your interview," she said to her sister, "and if they don't hire you then their crazy." Her sister was the most organized person she knew, she could manage any kitchen or household staff. She knew she would get the job, but she wasn't sure if Abby wanted to get this job. She could tell she still longed for an education, for school and for life without the need for working in some white folks kitchen, and Gwen wanted to give that too her, but she wasn't sure how.


"I don't trust his doctor either, you would have been a better choice for father personal physician than him." Matt agreed, the man didn't seem to know what he was looking for when he came to examine their father, just seemed confused and almost disgusted with my father and his state, like death was to much for him. While Jackson, on the other hand, dove in, excited by his knew findings. He was the ideal doctor, and he knew it too.
He chuckled and shook his head at his brother, "Now if mother heard you talking like that she would faint." he teased, their mother always treated Jackson like a child, even though he was well over 6 feet and towered over her petite frame. He was still her baby. But he nodded, going out did seem good for them, being locked up in that house was not good for anyone, look at what was happening to their father. "But yeah, I think we should, I'll show you how to kick up woman," he teased, ruffling his brothers hair as they walked, turning the corner to their father's large estate.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments (?)

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Wawa [[Sorry. I don’t have a lot of time during the week and I tend to only get to a few rps at a time]]

Abby narrowed her eyes at Gwen. She wasn’t so convinced by the answer her sister gave her to the warning but she decided to let it go. Gwen had changed since their mother died and Abby had noticed it. She was still a trouble maker but she did actually try these days.
She laughed softly when the girl mentioned her potential employers being crazy. “Gwen, all these white folks are crazy.” She said with a mischievous grin. “It’s identifying the level of crazy that we need to perfect.” Even though she hadn’t told Gwen, she was a little nervous. She was glad her sister was still being encouraging and still being a nice cheerleader.


“We legally cannot treat family,” Jackson said with a disappointed sigh. “But I’ll make sure to take extra care of him today,” he said perking up a little bit. He was weary of his father’s condition but there wasn’t much he could do to alleviate most of it. He just hoped that some new age remedies would do the trick, at least lift a little off of his father’s burden.
Jackson shook his head thinking about their mother. “ is she expecting grandbabies if she doesn’t let me meet women?” he said with a playful pout. He really did dislike being the baby of the family considering how his mother treated him. It had its benefits though, she rarely believed that he could cause trouble and when he did, she gave him a lenient punishment so it was win, win. “If you show me how to pick up a woman, there will be no one to pick up. Your track record isn’t that great.” He moved out of Matt range in case his brother tried to smack him as he laughed uproariously.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments ((I understand))

Gwen giggled at her sister before she looked at her face then wrapped her arms around her and pulled her closed, hugging her tightly, "No need to worry, you will do fine." she assured her, taking on their mother's tone for a moment before she pulled away slightly and planted a kiss on her cheek. They continued to walk to the train tracks, the train had just passed and the white and red stripped wood was lifting, allowing them to pass.
Gwen turned to her sister and smiled,"You go to your interview, I want walk to school from here." They both could see the school just down the road, Gwen couldn't get into trouble in that short distance. Before her sister could protest Gwen hugged her tightly then hurried off down the road.


Matt swatted at his brother, but he moved out of range, he chuckled to himself, "My track record is fine, I am just a picky man," he corrected before they turned the corner and they looked up at their old high school. Kids were heading inside, both black and white. It was nice seeing the school integrated, when Matt and Jackson went to school there it was only meant for white students, and even when he was young he didn't think that was right.

Off in the distance, Gwen was running to reach school in time. She could see two very tall white men standing on the side walk in her way, but she didn't move to the side, instead she stopped and waited for them to move out of her way.

Matt rose his eyebrow at the young black woman in front of them. She had stopped, instead of stepping on the wet grass to go around them. He them looked to his brother and smirked before he stepped to the side so she could walk past. "A spirited one you are," he said to her as she walked passed, her head held up right.

"You have no idea, Sir," she said before she hurried up the steps and into the large building.

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Wawa Abby hugged her sister back the first time and accepted the tone and the kiss her sister provided. She was quite encouraged by both though she wouldn’t admit it. She followed her sister over the train tracks and sighed dramatically when Gwen tore off from there. She shook her head in resignation and turned in the other direction. “Be safe,” she whispered to herself having missed the chance to tell her little sister. She started the long trek to the mansion that she was interviewing at practicing her poise and her words

Jackson rolled his eyes at his brother’s statement. Sometimes he wondered what picky meant to his brother, it was a silly system to uphold but he didn’t say anything. He was just coming back to walk beside his brother when a girl, came up running towards them. Her hair was long and curly, her eyes staring intensely in their direction. He couldn’t stop staring at her until she was right in front of them and didn’t move to the side. He glanced at his brother and then glanced at her, tilting his head but not saying anything. He moved slightly out of the way to create space and when he did, she run off. He turned to follow her with his eyes and then looked back at his brother. “Wow,” he said quietly, contemplating the rest silently.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Matthew rose an eyebrow at his brother, quiet a shock seeing his brother react in that manner. He usually say hos brother going for the tall, blonde and beautiful type, never would he have imagined him fawning over a woman of color. But he let that moment go, waiting til later to bring it up to him. They continued walking to their home, make small talk as they did. Once through the gates and at the front door Matt spoke to his brother, "Well I'll get these interview's over quickly, them meet you up in father's room. It shouldn't take me that long."


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Wawa Abby walked slowly. She wasn’t due for another half hour. As she did she practiced her responses. She had to get one of the jobs today. She was tired of looking. She knew that several other, probably more equip people would apply, but she was determined to try. If at least she sounded competent then maybe the master of the house would allow her to work there. She took a deep breath and continued to the house.


Jackson was surprised by himself. He had not expected to find such a different girl even remotely attractive, especially not a woman of colour. He had never seen anyone that good looking though and he had been taken by surprise. He nodded at his brother as he walked through the front door and forced himself to remember what exactly he was there for. Oh. “I’ll go see father then,” he nodded at his brother and took the stairs two at a time. When he got to his father’s door, he knocked quietly and entered.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Matthew nodded to his brother before he walked to his father's study, there were already people waiting outside the study's doors. He smiled at them as he walked and unlocked the doors, "I will take whoever would like to go first," he said as he held the door open. It took the first person a minute to muster up the curious to stand and walk into the study. Matt closed the door behind them and began interviewing. The time seemed to fly by and soon he was down to one, a young girl, she didn't look a day over twenty, with long brown hair and light brown eyes. "Miss, you seem to be the last one for the day," he said to Abby as he stood at the study doors. When she stood he opened the door wide so she could step through them closed the door behind them. "Please sit," he said motioning to a large chair that sat in from of the big mahogany desk. Matthew sat on the other side of the desk and folded his hands so they sat neatly on the hazel colored wood. "What is your name?"

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Wawa Abby had been sitting quietly ever since she had arrived. Most of the interviewees were older than her and the ones who weren’t didn’t appear nervous. She’d come in when the first person had already gone in but she wasn’t late but this had put her in the end spot. She had been slightly agitated by that fact, because maybe the interviewer would have already decided who he wanted and would be asking to see her out of pity or politeness. She decided this was a silly theory and pushed it to the back of her mind. She’d just have to be patient and wait her turn and in order to execute this she made sure not to look at the people as they walked out. She didn’t want to see them too happy or too sad.
She was glad when the door opened for her. This would mark the first proper moment her eyes would be on her possible employer to be. She noticed first his hard set eyes, his chiselled jaw and thick, dark hair. He looked young, too young to be interviewing anyone for a house that big. She was immediately sceptical as she walked in but did so anyways. “Abigail Moore. That’s Moore with two ‘o’s. Some people get it wrong.” She said to him, looking him right in the eye, something she didn’t shy away from doing with anyone, especially white folks.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Matthew smiled a small smirk, his white teeth showing slightly as wrote her name down just as she spelt it, not wanting to get it wrong for some reason. "So prior experience do you have Miss Moore?" he asked, making a guess as to her sire name. She didn't look old enough to be someone's wife just yet, but he could be wrong. She looked good for the job, or maybe she just looked good to him, he wasn't quite sure yet.
She was young, maybe 20 or 21, so she would be able to keep up with what they wanted her to do. But he didn't want to hire someone too young, who didn't know what they were doing, or someone too old who was set in their ways. He wanted someone flexible and open to making changes around the house, and someone who could handle his mother.

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Wawa Abby bit her lower lip at the question he asked her. She looked away for a second. She hated that question. She hadn't had much experience since their mother had died only recently and potential employers did tend to frown when she fumbled. She'd done a few things but nothing house related. She knew for sure this man wouldn't allow her into his home especially if she didn't sound so good for the job. "I worked in the sewing factory for a while but the work environment was not too good, and I used to sort mail over in the other district, I worked for an older lady who had children and...I was...I was in school most before that." She didn't like her response one bit. "Just one thing though, I know I may not sound or look like I can work hard's been rough for my sister and me. I'm not asking you to take pity, I'm just asking you to consider me despite...despite the little that I can offer." she pleaded almost half off her seat. Even if she had to take a lower paying job, that wasn't much like the one she was being offered, she would do it.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 533 comments Matthew nodded, "Well I am not look for someone with loads of experience, they would probably be too old for the job then. So there is no need to worry about that." he didn't know why he was comforting this woman, he wasn't suppose to do that in this setting, but she seemed like she needed a bit of comforting. There was something behind her eyes that screamed she needed this job, not a look of desperation. "If you get the job when can you start?' he asked he hadn't asked anyone else this question today because he wasn't sure about the others. But he was sure about her, she had passion, she was smart, and he felt like he could trust her to get the job done.

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Wawa Abby tried not to sigh with visible relief. She was glad that he wasn’t being too tight about his requirements; it meant she stood a chance. When he asked about her availability, she jumped up eagerly. “Now!” she said, and then her eyes widened. “I mean, today. Well, tomorrow would be better since I would have to go and tell my sister...if I get the job of course...and so I guess, as soon as possible. I mean if you pick Me.” she looked at him, slightly embarrassed but for some strange reason she didn’t feel like cowering with fear. So far he was the most gentle of all her interviewers and she felt comfortable around him.

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