Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) Vampire Academy question

If there was a remake of Vampire Academy, who would like to play the following characters and what would you like to see?
Khione Khione Jan 24, 2015 06:36PM
Me, I was happy with everyone's appearance, however I would've thought Mia would have blond curly hair.
To stay true to the book and more lines from the book.
And to not have the scenes rushed. What about you?

IT WAS THE WORST MOVIE IN THE WORLD. BOOK SERIES= AMAZING. I really hope they make a remake because i was extremely disappointed :(

The problem with book to film adaptation is that sometimes scenes from books do not always translate well on screen, especially exposition. Would I have liked it to stay closer to the book? Yes, of course.

I feel like they shouldn't have ignored Lissa's cutting problem just because the 'shock value' might have been too high for the movie's target audience.

The scene where Tatiana drags Lissa on stage to humiliate her seemed random and out of place in the narrative, as opposed to the scene they were trying to recreate from the novel during the banquet.

Lissa's big speech at the end about how she's proud to use Spirit and how people should stand up for themselves was a little too PSA for my liking and way too 'teen movie', especially because if they ever do Frostbite, a good chunk of the story where Lissa is on anti-depressants, keeping spirit a secret and being unable to use it (especially when Rose, Christian, Mason, Mia and Eddie go missing) will have to be considerably reworked.

The beloved Rose/Dimitri scene with the necklace could have been longer or had a 'fade out to scene change to show passage of time' just because Victor was supposed to have a decent head start on them and the scene in the movie only lasted about ten seconds. However, the actual scene itself wasn't that bad because the scene from the novel (in my opinion) reeked of pointless dialogue (who talks about killing Strigoi and molnija marks while making out naked/half-dressed?).

Eliminating the 'Lissa shunning Rose' plot entirely (since they also removed Lissa's cutting) just to keep the "BFF girl power" vibe going seemed like another misstep.

I'm sure I could think of more, but those stick out the most for me. As for casting, I thought it was fine except Mia is supposed to have a child-like appearance with her long blonde curls. Zoey Deutch was fine as Rose, but if I had to choose someone else, I'd go with Phoebe Tonkin.

Taryn I watched the first few episodes and then completely shut down my TVD/TO watching, they just weren't holding my interest. I loved Phoebe when she was ...more
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Khione Aww that's a shame. Yes I saw The Secret Circle. I don't know why it got cancelled. It was excellent. I also know Phoebe played Cleo in H2o as well. ...more
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