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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Armstrong | 13 comments There are so many types and sub-genre of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal fiction nowadays you’d think you be able to find anything you fancied but it’s actually quite hard.

So I’m curious if you were going to write your perfect book, or if you already have, what would it be?

I’ve thought of a few ways of dividing things up but I’m sure other people can do it better.

World: As we know it or strangely dystopian?

Main character: In the know or clueless?, Genius bomb shell with mad fighting skills or average Joe? Adult or YA?

Romance: Hot and heavy or no luck Chuck?

Plot: Mystery or Action adventure?

I’ve actually already written mine Losing it I went with a clueless no luck Chuck, adult average Joe, living in the normal world with the addition of a hidden world existing right along side. Then throw in a mystery involving a serial killer, interfering Nuns, dream walking demons, angels, and an emotionally challenged incubus.

Written down like this it actually sounds very dull but there is an amazing amount of fun to be had in landing a skeptic in a situation they have no rational explanation for and I’ve never enjoyed stories about people who a just good at everything.

Over to you?

message 2: by Gaelle (last edited Jan 25, 2015 12:48AM) (new)

Gaelle Cathy (gaellecathy) | 18 comments I already wrote mine too. It was actually the adaptation of a 1500 part fanfiction set in the Buffyverse (around an OC). It took years to extrapolate it from Buffy to make my own universe, although it's quite close since the Buffyverse is the verse I like. It's called Legacy (pen name GC Lehane). World as we know, three main characters are quite hot yes, with some powers, there's romance and action. It's a 500K urban fantasy. It's adult (although it's start in senior year in high school beginning of the book but it goes for a couple of years after that).

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