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Noorilhuda | 29 comments Am glad to sharing this with the group!

The Governess by Noorilhuda

Life was all about accumulation - it was the dead that were empty handed, and where was the fun in that - the hoarding of memories, a home, purchases and leftovers, this was what made a person who he or she was, and then with just a single stroke of reaper, one was free and unknown all over again, just like the day one was born. His local pastor had once said that possessions held no meaning for the dead, that it did not matter to them anymore. It had never made sense to John, because unless the dead were really only apparitions, figments or lesser beings than their earthly selves, they would retain all of the same characteristics that separated them and made them unique. That would include an awareness of and desire for the same things as one did in life. After all how else could God judge someone if they had forgotten who they were in life.

Are you dealing with Emotional Abuse?

Have you lived a lie?

Do you yearn for love, but don't know how to get it?

Then you have something in common with Jane Adams, the recently employed governess at The Chateaux in Brooskhire. She is relentless, stubborn and thoroughly plain. Take a peek at her journey for $2.99/£2.14:





A story of a wronged woman trying to get back her sense of self and life.
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Editorial Reviews of 'The Governess ': The Governess by Noorilhuda :

"This book is not a short, easy read, but it is well-worth your time. You will find the story to be captivating, in spite of its simplicity. You will cry with the characters, learn about human nature, and speculate on the meaning of life.....This is an excellent book!" - David Burnett, Kindle Book Review

"A page turner! Transports you instantly to other worlds. Strong characterization and good writing." - Prof. Dr. Abdul Jabbar, Author of 'Reading and Writing with Multicultural Literature'

"This isn't a romance novel. It's an exploration of some very real, very difficult social situations and weaves several subplots into the main one that follows Jane on her road to redemption and self actualization......It's designed to be thought about, internalized and talked about.....A lot to take on in a single story, but I think it is done very well. A wonderful story." - Patricia Hamill, Author and Blogger

"I'm absolutely astounded that an author has the ability to put down on paper what are basically stream-of-consciousness thought processes of the main characters.....the author obviously excels at characterization and historical immersion.....only for passionate fans of historical fiction." - K.A. Krisko, Author of The Stolen Trilogy

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'Lessons from the two-day free-book and week-long kindle countdown deal':

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Noorilhuda | 29 comments The Governess by Noorilhuda

Hi, ‘The Governess’ is the story of a wronged woman trying to get back her sense of self and life. It's inspirational literary e-novel with a tinge of romance - $2.99 / £2.14


Amazon links (US, UK, though the e-novel is available in all Amazon territories):

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The e-novel btw just had another 5-star review (ethical and non-reciprocal):

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