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C.E. Martin (cemartin2) | 18 comments Let me interview you!

As an author, one of the most important things I can learn is what consumers (readers) want. Normally, this comes as feedback on what I've written, usually in the form of reviews. But as I was reading another attempt at promotion the other day, thinly disguised as an Author Interview, it hit me: why do we never see READER interviews? Goodreads is full of discussion among readers as to what they like to read, so why not start interviewing readers?

So here's your chance to tell me, and maybe other authors, what you like to read, why, and what makes you tick. Maybe with information like that, we authors can create better material, making you and us a lot happier.

To check out the first interview, visit

(Yes, he's an author, but he's family, was willing to be my first guinea pig, and has just begun writing, so he's still far more reader than writer.)

If you'd like to give this a shot, send me a PM and include a brief blurb about yourself. I'm trying to get a cross section of readers from all different walks of life, so if I don't select you, it's probably because someone else with a similar background beat you to it.

Thanks for your time, and happy reading!

message 2: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Neat idea, C.E.!

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