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The Solace of Leaving Early
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. young priest in small town?. girl returns from unfinished college lives in mom s attic room [s]

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Sharon Benson  | 7 comments I remember a young priest going to an a small town with many old members. I believe he befriends an abused women(not known at first) and falls in love with her and she possibly dies in the end? Another character a young college woman returns home and views things from her attic room. Maybe the priest falls for her instead....just cant remember. The girl in the attic room is kind of critized by her mother for returning home without finishing up or moving on to a career. I remember she is slightly forced in helping care for some neighbor children whom she ends up adoring.

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What year did you read it? What year was it published? Remember the cover? What genre is it? What age reader is it aimed at? What country is it set in?

Sharon Benson  | 7 comments I read in early 2013. Cover green leaves thick like vines. I remember pink. I found a post where i talked about it and i described it as a priest, 2 orphan girls and young woman trying to find their place in life. The young women begins wstching the orphans and bonds with them . the priest as well. I think the it might end with the 4 of them on a picnic now that i found that.

Sharon Benson  | 7 comments I would call adult fiction. Dont know when published. I buy alot at garage sales and then resell or send to goodwill

Sharon Benson  | 7 comments read in early 2013. found a post of me talking about it. described as priest, 2 orphans and young woman looking for their place in life.

Sharon Benson  | 7 comments yes!!!!! thank you!

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BookWoman | 125 comments You're very welcome.

Sharon Benson  | 7 comments Solved

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