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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. novel about scottish group of friends, has a scene where someone steals someone else's Rod Stewart CDs

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message 1: by GG (new)

GG | 5 comments So I only ever read one passage of this book that someone showed me. It's apparently about a few guys from scotland, and each chapter a different one is narrating and their scottish accent is written out phonetically. In the passage I read, 2 guys (I think?) go to the one guys house/apartment and discovered that it had been robbed. The guy whose house it was yelled something about "He even took my Rod Fuckin Stewart?"

I'd meant to keep the title and author in my memory for future reading, but obviously I failed. So please help! Thanks!

message 2: by GG (last edited Jan 24, 2015 10:23AM) (new)

GG | 5 comments I also think it might have been part of a series, but not sure

message 3: by Kokomomomo (new)

Kokomomomo | 62 comments Could it be something by Irvine Welsh? He writes Scottish accent, about groups of people and at least Ecstasy and Trainspotting are written in chapters from different perspectives (I'm not sure about his other books).

message 4: by GG (last edited Jan 24, 2015 01:12PM) (new)

GG | 5 comments Thanks Verena, I already looked into those but I couldn't find any reviews or summaries that mentioned the burglary passage, so you could be right but I won't know for sure until someone who has already read them confirms. I don't think it's trainspotting though, I feel like that would have been easy for me to remember.

message 5: by Kokomomomo (new)

Kokomomomo | 62 comments Oh, I've read them, it was just a long time ago. Good luck!

message 6: by GG (new)

GG | 5 comments Thanks!

message 7: by GG (new)

GG | 5 comments Hey I think I solved this, it might be Porno by Irvine Welsh. There's a passage in which one of the characters is complaining that his ex took all his Rod Stewart records when she moved out. Unless anyone's got a better idea.

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