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message 1: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Wolf | 31 comments Mod
To write well, I always believe you have to be well read. I like to read all kinds of books from fact to fiction.

My bookshelves in my living room are filled with novels such as Hunger Games Trilogy, New Heroes, Countdown Series, Redwall Series, Ranger's Apprentice Series, A Song of Fire & Ice Series (i.e. Game of Thrones), plus many, many, many more.

What sort of books do you read or are you reading?

message 2: by Travis (new)

Travis Berketa (travisberketa) | 14 comments I'm currently reading A Song of Ice & Fire: Book 4 - A Feast For Crows and I also have the rest of the set on my bookshelf.

I've got the whole series of Ranger's Apprentice, but I have yet to read them, as I'm looking to finish the current series I am reading. I also have the first two books of John Flanagan's Brotherband series, which I really enjoyed. I'll probably end up collecting the rest of the series at some stage.

My favourite series at this point in time is The Hunger Games Trilogy, I flew through those books. I found The Twilight Saga too difficult to read, in that I found the writing painful, so I only have the first book of that series. The same with the Harry Potter Series - the writing in the first book really put me off the rest of the series (I couldn't even finish the first book because it was such a bad read).

message 3: by Tobias (last edited Jan 30, 2015 04:57AM) (new)

Tobias Wolf | 31 comments Mod
Travis, I should have also mentioned that I have some of your books on my shelf.

I love "Dark Heart: Images of a City", it had a comic book feel to it with the vigilante, but also put across some powerful messages about our world. Loved it! I'm hoping to find your other two Dark Heart books to see how the story continues.

I also read "Jack Majors: Superhero". That was excellent too. I think because it was a superhero based in Melbourne, Australia. The book I'm reading now, "Vanguard Prime: Goldrush" is written by an Australian author, but for some reason it's set in America (well, it doesn't actually state it, because their base in mobile, but you get the feeling that it is). I'm finding the characters too generic; like there's a Wonder Woman character, Superman/Captain America character and a Batman kind of character, while the main character is like the Flash - except he's a kid. He seems to be grasping his powers really quickly too. That's the thing I like about Jack Majors - he's just a kid and he's learning about his powers and making mistakes along the way. You should write a second one.

message 4: by Travis (last edited Jan 31, 2015 12:38PM) (new)

Travis Berketa (travisberketa) | 14 comments Tobias wrote: "Travis, I should have also mentioned that I have some of your books on my shelf.

I love "Dark Heart: Images of a City", it had a comic book feel to it with the vigilante, but also put across some ..."

Thanks for the feedback. I am in the middle of writing the second book; it'll be called "Jack Majors: Book of Power" and it should fill in some of the gaps that the first book initiated. You don't have to worry about Jack mastering his powers just yet, he still has a long way to go.

message 5: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Wolf | 31 comments Mod
Looking forward to reading it!

message 6: by Madison (last edited Apr 02, 2015 02:21AM) (new)

Madison | 4 comments I have Travis' book too. Jack Majors is really good. I love the way the characters evolve in the book, it's got me guessing as to who else could have superpowers. I'm glad you're working on the second one - can't wait!

At the moment I'm reading Divergent. Saw the movie before reading the book, but the book goes into so much more detail with the characters. Love it!

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