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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

2 AM and Through the Window

Muse A is drunk as per usual for a Friday night and is now stumbling around and looking for their house. They find it finally in the dead of night. The front door is locked, the back door is locked, but the second story bedroom window is wide open. Luckily for Muse A they can still climb when they're piss drunk.

Muse B is well into a late night marathon on Netflix to start off their weekend of being a hopeless introvert. And then Muse A, a well known party animal and exact opposite of Muse B, climbs through the window and lands in Muse B's lap absolutely plastered. Now Muse B, who has no idea where Muse A lives, has to put up with the drunk asshole until their sober enough to remember their address.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Don't worry about your writing because I can promise you with my bad internet connection I sometimes write things three times before they get posted and just get lazy.

As for characters I was going more for in high school at the age of about 17 or 18 (Unless you can think of how it would make sense for college students to live in suburban houses and whatnot). I'd say it should be a bit into the school year so November/December at least and as for State/City I was going to say either Northern Arizona in like Flagstaff or in Oregon, just outside of Portland in like Hillsborough (I think that's how it spelled). And you can totally be the guy.

Do you want to be Muse A or B? I purposely make my plots without mentioning gender because sometimes I like to switch it up. Also I don't care which one I am so I guess it depends on what kind of character you haven't done for your 'writing a new kind of character'.

You should also know I have bad internet connection so sometimes I will randomly disappear and sometimes I just need to think about how I should reply. Cool?

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Let's do like basic character sheets with like name age and appearance and then I guess I'll start with the climbing though the window part.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

Name: Jolene Ava Grimm
Nickname: Jo Reaper
Age: 18

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Alright, you done? Do you want to start then since you are the one climbing through the window?

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danbii (geulcais) Yups! But I'll be posting in about an hour, 'cause this'll probably be long... ^^'' and I'm also working on another post. But is your charry's nickname still Jo Reaper? Just wondering

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Yep! Reaper because her last name is Grimm and people assume she is a dark and boring so like Grim Reaper. Get it? Play on words? Eh? Eh? Eh?

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danbii (geulcais) OHHH CLEVERRR :33 Sorry, I thought it was a thing that popular kids called her to be cool or something, but I get it now xD

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Thank you, you're lovely!

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((Are you kidding me, your writing is amazing!!!!!))

Ah yes, Friday nights for the late night hermit, also known as Jo, were an exceptional thing. Her parents would of course, not be home, and the house would remain, largely clean. Jo was a creature of habit in all but three ways, her eating, her sleeping, and her homework. It was no wonder she looked deathly pale except for the bags under her eyes.

Being beside the point, it was now a little after nine and Jo was just beginning to make herself dinner. Consisting of instant noodles, potato chips, and chocolate syrup, Jo felt she had the perfect five star gourmet meal for herself. Even if her parents were home, Jo doubted she would be eating much better. They were so consumed in their selves that sometimes the fact that they were married and gave birth to a daughter in the back of a Toyota at a Seahawks game just slipped their minds. Jo collected her potato chips, her instant noodles, and her chocolate syrup and returned to her room for a marathon on Netflix.

At this point Jo didn't know what she could watch having seen just about every show on Netflix. So she contemplated her options while she finished off her noodles and added the empty container to the precarious stacks of other junk and trash that piled on her night stand. One day it would fall and kill her in her sleep and Jo's parents wouldn't find out until they could no longer stand the smell of a rotting corpse. Friends. Jo was definitely going to watch Friends after depressing thoughts like that.

The rest of Jo's evening consisted of sitting on her bed with her laptop watching Friends while eating chocolate covered potato chips. Occasionally she did do a few interesting things like move whenever her foot fell asleep or open her window because she was too lazy to get up and turn the thermostat down or have a heart attack when someone climbed through her window and landed into her lap.

Jo had just started her sixth episode when a boy who absolutely reeked of alcohol flew in through the window and landed on her lap. Jo sat still for a few seconds, her eyes wide and threatening to pop right out of their sockets. By the time she actually understood what was happening, Jo recognized the person and the panic subsided. The alcoholic smell was suddenly starting to make sense. Wait, was he? Yep. He was cuddling up to her leg.

"Alright drunkard up! Get off me and go home dumb ass." Jo frowned and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She squirmed about until she could get out from underneath him. He looked extremely drunk and ready to puke on everything she knew and loved. Jo took that moment to hide her computer.

Rosse, whatever his last name was, always hung around the people who prided themselves on making fun of Jo for being 'The Grim Reaper'. There were other, a lot more nasty, names, but Reaper stuck. Jo wasn't sure if Rosse was a part of the whole bullying thing, but she wasn't to interested in knowing him well enough to find out. "Did you hear me? Get out of here you piss drunk self absorbed cunt!" The yelling was not helping in any way shape or form, but it made Jo feel better by letting off some steam.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((You are super welcome!))

"Are you even al-AhHhHHh!" Jo jumped in surprise when Rosse suddenly darted past her and out into the hallway. "Wait! God damn it." She chased after him, only to find him retching into the toilet, or not the toilet. Yep, he missed. Well at least he... no the bathtub wasn't a much better place for him to puke. "Oh you are so cleaning that up once you're sober." Jo muttered to herself, covering her nose to avoid the stench of Rosse's empty stomach.

She then proceeded to watch him grope around the sink, knocking almost everything onto the floor until he grabbed- no. No no no no no. Rosse began brushing his teeth, not with toothpaste, but with handsoap. And which unlucky person was now going to have to throw their toothbrush away after it being used by a virtual stranger? That's right, Jo. She stayed out of Rosse's way as he disappeared into the hallway and grabbed her toothbrush, only pausing to toss it into the can. She then stepped back out into the hallway, around Rosse, and went into her room where Jo collected all of her half empty soda cans.

"Alright bitchface, this should wake you up." Jo stood over Rosse and began pouring the leftover, and rather flat, soda on his face. "Wakey wakey, rise and shine! I offer, bed, bath, and a swift kick in the ass." Jo was not in the mood for this and once all of the cans were empty, she dropped them right onto Rosse's head. "Are you sober enough yet?"

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danbii (geulcais) (( Will reply tomorrow, won't be able to do the justice today. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience. ))

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((Yeah sure, the time can basically be whenever.))

It was only after he had grabbed her ankles that Jo realized she had tried to move out of the way a little too late. She tried to catch herself, but only succeeded in tripping over her own feet, knocking something over, and smacking her head against the hard wood floor. Ow ow ow ow ow! Her head was throbbing and sitting up on made her want to puke as much as Rosse had into her bathtub. So she lay back down and stared at the ceiling. This must be how hangovers feel, but instead of liver damage, Jo's brain was going to be bruised. She didn't know how long she lay there, but Jo vaguely heard Rosse snoring in the background, so maybe a while? Time became all funny in her head and she began trying to count the seconds, but lost count after two. It felt like forever before everything came back into focus and Jo could sit up without getting nauseous. And so she sat, with her back to wall, watching Rosse sleep. He looked like an angel sent from heaven, but so far Jo didn't seem to be feeling any of the heavenly part. It wasn't long before Jo fell asleep sitting there, the excitement of Rosse showing up just wearing her out.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Holy shit. He was awake and moving around and probably so hung over he couldn't see straight and yet Jo was still sitting against the wall pretending to be asleep. What the hell was she supposed to do? Confronting the guy seemed a lot more scary now that he was sober and almost all of her confidence seemed to evaporate. Jo was going to have to stand up eventually, but she took her time, counting seconds as they passed by only able to hear the pained breathing of Rosse and the throbbing of her own head.

To hell with it. Jo shifted into a more comfortable position, her legs brushing against Rosse's as she did. His eyes were closed, but he looked in pain rather than like the sleeping angel he had been the night before. "Do you want some Tylenol?" Jo asked, a little louder than necessary. She grinned deviously to herself when he jumped a good foot into the air and cradled his head in pain. Jo felt better now. "I'd offer to let you use my shower, but you puked in it last night." She adjusted herself so she was facing him, looking at him curiously. "You were so fucking drunk. I'm surprised you could even tell what a house was. Granted, you ended up in the wrong house..." Sarcasm oozed from her pours, but she was nice enough to lower her voice the more she spoke so Rosse wasn't wincing at every word.

"How do you feel? Cause I'm not letting you leave until you clean up the mess you made." Jo smiled cheerily, but he had broken into her house, puked in her shower, and gave her a concussion. Jo was going to get revenge.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((Oh my god! I didn't even notice! I'm sorry!))

And he was up again. At this point, Jo didn't know what to think of the intruder other than the fact that he needed to make some serious changes to his lifestyle. Regardless, Jo still found herself watching him stumble around and trying to avoid serious headaches until he ended up back into her bathroom. He probably did want some Tylenol or something for the headache.

Jo stood up slowly, massaging the back of her head as she did. Maybe she needed some painkillers too, considering the large lump on the back of her head. Unlike Rosse, Jo avoided the soda cans and slipped down the stairs. The wood creaked with her every step until she was in the kitchen. Water. That was what she needed right? Jo wasn't sure, she didn't take painkillers too often. Still, she got two glasses from the cupboard and a bottle of pills from the medicine cabinet. How many would she need? How many did Rosse need? "Who knew I could be so useless?" She muttered out loud.

Eventually, a shrug, and the sound of glasses being filled with water. Jo swallowed two pills and gulped down one of the glasses of water before returning upstairs. "I have some painkillers if you're interested." She called as she climbed up the stairs. Jo felt like a mother and she shivered at the thought. What was she supposed to do with the guy anyways? Watch him until he cleaned up his mess and then kick him out? Jo wasn't that mean. She reached the top step and approached the bathroom door. "Rosse? Painkillers?" She asked in am attempt to sound less like a mom and more like... Well Jo wasn't sure what she was trying to sound like.

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danbii (geulcais) (Bump? Just so you know I posted ^^)

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((Sorry! I was grounded and didn't get a chance to warn people...))

Even though she expected it, Jo practically jumped out of her skin when Rosse opened the bathroom door. "H-Here..." She managed to say before shoving the pill bottle and the glass of water into his hands. It was weird for Jo to see Rosse up so close, especially since this was probably the first time they had ever actually spoken since maybe the fourth grade.

Despite wanting to lock herself in her room and avoid Rosse, Jo stayed and studied him curiously. He had dimples when he smiled, they were cute, but not in the adorable sense. His hair, definitely a mess, probably like that on a regular basis. It had to be the messiest thing about him. Eyes, although green, seemed more gold up close, like he might actually be an angel. Rosse appeared to be clean shaven despite the fact that there wasn't a razor around for him to use, unless he used Jo's that was strictly for her legs. Considering how everything about Rosse seemed so meticulous, Jo doubted he would do that.

"How did you even end up in my house?" She finally asked, making sure to keep her voice somewhat hushed. Rosse was ten times mote intimidating while he was sober and standing up right instead of a quivering drunken mass on her bathroom floor. She didn't really want to make him angry by making his headache worse.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((Thanks for understanding ^-^))

How cryptic. And simple. Jo instantly felt like an idiot because why else would someone like him end up in the house of someone like her? She could hardly stand to look at herself sometimes, and yet she spent way too much of her time in front of a mirror some days to just wear sweat pants. She could see her own reflection in the mirror behind Rosse, hair quickly pulled out of her face by an old rubber band, stained t shirt, and running shorts that had never actually seen the outdoors. The differences between the two of them were immaculate.

"Okay." Jo shrugged, not wanting to keep on the topic. "Did you finish cleaning up your uh... mess?" She asked, gesturing towards the bathtub. God Jo felt like a dork. If the Rosse squad didn't tease her for this exchange it would be able absolute miracle considering how strange the whole encounter was.

The bathroom didn't smell like barf anymore so Jo assumed that he had cleaned it up, but how would remain a mystery. Jo didn't think there were any cleaning supplies in the bathroom. Her mom was one of those save the Earth gurus and refused to own any of the harmful chemicals that came in cleaning supplies. Jo's junk food that came wrapped in plastic was contraband in her house. She paid good money for it too.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((Are you still there?))

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) ((I really don't know where I'm going with this, I'm just trying to figure out how to get them attached to each other. Any thoughts?))

Jo's nostrils flared defiantly. "Yes, because I always offer my bed to wasted trespassers." She would have said something worse, but exhaustion combined with her sore head made it difficult to think of insults. "And it's not like you gave me a concussion or anything. I'm sure my poor brain is just fine." Now Jo was just being sour. She didn't have too many friends and none of them were all too close. Rosse was the first person from her school in a long time that had set foot in her house and for some reason, Jo found that to be all kinds of nerve-wracking. That quickly turned to guilt because Jo was being rude just because she didn't know Rosse well. That was no fault of his own.

"Nevermind. Pretend I didn't say anything." Jo muttered and rubbed her temples. "Do you know if you live close to here?" She finally asked, deciding on polite conversation even if Rosse wouldn't participate in the polite part of it. "I would give you a ride home, but alas, my parents have both of the cars." Jo shrugged lightly and took a few steps toward her bedroom door.

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danbii (geulcais) (Bump...? If you don't want to do this, just tell me; I don't want to force you to do this ^^d)

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