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Third Quarter quell

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Fearthgfan I'm currently rereading this book, and when I read this line "Adjusting for age, I realize some of our opponents may be elderly" a question/ thought came: Why we're there no young tributes in third quarter quell? I mean, the youngest is I think Finnick, who won the 65th games. Where are the winners from 70 and up? Or even from earlier. I realize that those could have been careers and we're not chosen.

By the way, that line is from when they are viewing tapes of previous victors. It's just something I wanted to ask.

Alex Richmond There where a few from the last three or four games that played as well I believe, I think Finnick was younger when he won so he and Kattnis where near each other age as well. The oldest I think was 70 and the rest where in their 30's and 40's, still healthy ages for combat if they stayed fit.

Roberta Jayne Yeah I think that the younger tributes who won games 66-73 were simply just not chosen to be in the Quarter Quell. Obviously they exist somewhere but seeing as we know that the selection of the victors for the Quarter Quell was not random, those younger victors went unmentioned because the Captiol selected well known, well loved victors (that the people in Panem were familiar with, such as Beetee, Finnick, Brutus, Cashmere and Gloss etc.) to go into the games against Katniss and Peeta.

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Fearthgfan Yeah, that's a good point when I think about it.

Ruth The youngest actually reaped other than Katniss and Peeta were Johanna and Finnick. There were winners of other years but they just didn't have their names drawn.

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Fearthgfan Yeah that makes sense, like Roberta said, the Capitol probably wanted well known victors so Katniss and Peeta would have a hard time.

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Nuran I think apart from Katniss and Peeta, the tributes for the Quell were picked at random or if they caused any trouble. Only 12 of them can enter, so all the winners couldn't all re-enter again.

Julia In my opinion, I would assume that even if the younger ones were drawn, someone would willingly volunteer for them. Additionally, logically, you would favor the young to stay alive instead of the older because they will live longer.

Caroline Isn't that exactly what Mags did? A much younger tribute was picked first, but she volunteered to take the younger girl's place. Also, I think most of the recent Hunger Games were won by the same few districts (probably 1 and 2), so that automatically makes the pool of young tributes smaller.

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