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Color: Eye Color & Red
Paula Paula Jan 23, 2015 11:01AM
I'm a bit confused about the concept of color in the book.

If the community cannot see color, then why are they able to tell that Jonas, Gabriel, and the Giver all have a different color eyes?

Is red a special color that Jonas sees because it is a powerful color that represents a lot? Is the different eye color just a matter of light and dark on a gray scale?

It's also possible they selected for color blindness. The Birth Mothers are mentioned but never Birth Fathers. Scientists in the community can then "easily" engineer certain things to have color blind offspring.

Another though is that we can babies are taught colors. Parents hold up a blue toy and tell the child it is blue. Parents put a red shirt on their child and say "red shirt". We learn that colors are different. The "seeing" of red could also just be the knowledge of the world.



You can tell the difference.

The color confuses me in general. Like, how can you eliminate color? I know it's just a symbol in the story to show that everything is monotone, but realistically. You just can't.

Dramapuppy You can't eliminate color. They eliminated the average human's ability to see color. And it's likely they just give them a drug at birth, as all birth ...more
Jan 27, 2015 02:22PM · flag
Julia Thanks, that could actually be plausible :D
Jan 28, 2015 02:16PM · flag

Maybe they were different shades of grey. That's my guess. :)

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