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message 1: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 72 comments Mod
Once a book has been written, the next step is obviously to make tons of money.
I have found that is generally not the case.

At the moment, I am following a couple of avenues of sales, but I have to admit that sales, for me at least, are few and far between.

On Amazon, my books go straight to Kindle. Kindle is easy to upload to, easy to manage and lots of people have Kindle readers now. There are also Kindle readers available for other devices such as PC and smartphones.
My sales on Kindle are not good though, I think this is because there are just too many Indie authors out there.

Next come Smashwords. Smashwords have got their own online store, and also distribute to iStore, Barns & Noble and others. I have, in the past two years, only managed ONE sale on Smashwords, so nothing to write home (or a book) about.

Next is CreateSpace, which is by far my favourite. For those that don’t know, CreateSpace is a print on demand company, they will print your book in paperback format. They are my favourite because I order a box of ten books, at cost price, and then I sell those books myself.
CreateSpace has only got a fee per book, there are no setup costs or nothing, and personally I think their prices are very reasonable. It also gives me the chance to hold a real book in my hand, a paperback novel I wrote. That is a feeling that is pure magic.

So at the moment these are my outlets. If any of you know of more, please add them.

message 2: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 72 comments Mod
A few months on, and I've dumped Smashwords. There were no sales for me there, and I am trying the free ebook giveaways that a person can do if the book is enrolled in the Select program.
So far I've had two book giveaways, one for a day and one for two days, but as yet it has not really increased my sales.

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