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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) Domenyo’s stomach heaved. He coughed violently, and threw up over the grass. The creature turned its head from Emily.

Its steps were long and quiet, and its light grew brighter as it approached him. Domenyo shook violently and dragged himself along the ground. Suddenly red flashed across his vision as a pain so incredible seared through Domenyo’s leg.

Broken. He thought in despair. Broken broken broken... He frantically dragged himself away.

He stopped, the light was blinding him. He closed his eyes, the scent of the dead looming above him. His back tensed as the creature’s cold claws began to puncture his skin.

This is it.

A wail reverberated the world.

The claws lifted, but the Adze was still over the boy. Domenyo’s body clenched as the scream continued. He whimpered at the ringing in his ears. The scream seemed to continue until Domenyo couldn’t hear it anymore, and until a trickle of blood fell out of his ears. Domenyo opened his eyes.

The Adze had its back to the boy and had moved away from him, its light dimmer. Domenyo gasped as he caught sight of its hand. Strange golden blood dripped out of its middle finger, where a claw should have been.

The wind blew the grass as Domenyo saw Emily standing up, her red hair vibrant in the monster’s light. She was in a fighter's stance as she held a pink and red claw, the expression on her face was fearless.

“Touch him again, devil, and I will send you to hell where you belong,” she said, her Irish brogue uncensored.

The Adze leaped to attack. The girl sidestepped, barely dodging it’s claws. As its back was to her, she turned and thrust the claw in its back. She ripped it out and ducked as it swung its arms. She side kicked its groin and rolled out of the way as it doubled over. She rushed to the back of it, and raised the claw into the air and stabbed its neck. The claw quickly rose and fell three times, each time digging deeper and deeper in its neck. Golden blood sprayed her face.

The monster swung around again, this time swiping Emily’s stomach.

“Shit!” she stumbled backwards into a small tree.
The Adze attacked, baring its ivory canines.
With a grunt, Emily ripped the tree out of the ground, her muscles burning. As it broke free, she used the momentum and swung it at the monster’s arms.

Its body flew to the left, inches away from Domenyo.

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Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments This is amazing

Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) Thanks!!! YOU'RE AMAZING TOO

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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) The Adze opened its mouth to feed. Domenyo threw his arms up and held the creature by its shoulders, the Adze’s head inches away from his neck. Emily was five feet away when Domenyo’s arms collapsed and the fangs sank into Domenyo’s neck.

Emily heard a scream that was almost as ear splitting than the Adze’s. It had the same blood curdling affect, and was so loud her ears rang. Strangely, the longer it went on, the more her throat hurt.

She didn’t realize she picked up the tree again. She also didn’t realize she dropped the claw.

Emily beat the monster until its light dimmed and its blood soaked the ground beneath her. She ripped every claw off its hands, screaming with anger. That’s when the light went out, and the Adze’s death scented breath stopped.

The night was quiet.

Emily ran to Domenyo. She could barely see his face, the light from the moon was
covered by a cloud.

“Oh my God, oh my God.” She felt his neck for a pulse, suddenly feeling sick when she felt the blood.

“No, no, no.” she muttered. She pulled her malaria medicine out of her jeans. She put the pill in his mouth. “Please. Chew it. It might work. If it does, just imagine the story we’ll tell. Come on, Domenyo. Please.” She took her shirt off and ripped it so it covered his neck wound. “Live. I want to see you smile again.” Tears fell down her face. “Smile, smile, smile!” She shook his body.

“Easy there, Dahlia.”

“Domenyo!” She embraced him, and he put his arm around her.

Emily buried her face his chest. "Don’t worry, I can get you to a hospital.” She stood

“No, Dahlia,” he said weakly.

“What do you mean? We’re going to get you to a hospital, yes, we are-”

“I do not think anything in the hospital can cure me.” He smiled sadly.

“My father’s working on an antidote. He might have something-” Emily cried desperately.

“So that’s what your father is doing. You were right when you said he’s unconventional.”

Emily laughed once while the tears were streaming. “I’m sure you knew all along.” She wiped her face, “You always manage to find things out without me knowing.”

“I do, don’t I? Well, I know he’s a scientist...who studies monsters and the supernatural.” Domenyo looked at her, “I was not sure what your purpose was in his endeavors. But I know now.”

“What is my purpose, then?” Emily asked quietly.

“You are his huntress.”

Emily sat down and grabbed his hand, “Yes.”

“How-” he coughed, “Are you so strong and quick?”

“Well, I tell strangers I’m a descendent of Beowulf. But I tell my friends that I
was worked on to become that way.”

“Worked on?” Domenyo said quietly, “I’m so sorry, Emily.”

“Don’t be, you silly. Always worrying about others, never about yourself.”

“One more thing,” his voice came out in a strain. “How did... how did you get up from the Adze’s bite? Did you know... what the firefly was?” his breath labored.

“It took me completely by surprise when the damn firefly bit me,” she said gently, “I had no idea it was going to turn into a vampire. That’s a new one in my book, even after all I’ve seen.” She leaned over his face, “I got up because I’m immune to it’s bite. But it can still paralyze me, as you saw. Are you alright?”

Domenyo didn’t answer. “I love you, Emily.” He put his hand on her face. He rose to kiss her. She kissed him back.

“Hey now, why aren’t you kissing me back?” she held his head in her hands, “do I have bad breath?”

He didn’t answer her.

“Domenyo. Oh God. No! Don’t do this to me.” She shook his shoulders, “Wake up, oh God please wake up.”

Even as she begged him with tears falling down her face, he never did wake up.

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Alliyah (anotherrandomperson) | 35 comments All I can say is...
wow! That's amazing and I think you should keep writing this "Firefly" book!

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