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Talk about Nox here! Amy's trainer and sort of boyfriend.

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I'm still a bit mad at Nox about (view spoiler)

message 3: by Mariah (new)

Mariah (bizarrebrunette) I don't think he was really developed well as a character.. I mean he exists but I didn't really feel for him as a character.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 18, 2015 02:09AM) (new)

I don't think he has that much to develop, and I want to learn his real name really bad! I still like Nox, but he doesn't play much of a major role. And I'm still confused about how his parents died.

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I feel like Nox was a very different character in the Wicked Will Rise. In Dorothy Must Die, he's a little withdrawn, focuses on the mission and nothing else, and he's kind of indifferent. But in The Wicked Will Rise he's so much more open, and just behaves differently.

message 6: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) I agree with you- Nox is the stereotypical bad boy, and really doesn't hold my interest.

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