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The Hobbit
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. Week 7: Nonhuman Characters > The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Steven Tackett | 66 comments Curious why no one put this as their choice... oh well! I'll make the thread. Yay for Tolkien!

Tammy I read this several years ago and loved it!

Steven Tackett | 66 comments I actually just finished watching the 2nd movie that was release a year or so ago and realized, though I read this before, I really need to read it again.

Jana I read this as a teen and was bored senseless.

Steven Tackett | 66 comments I think being older/wiser... or maybe just older... this appeals more to me.

Brittany (gamerkiti) ok, so i'm reading out of order and have decided to start this book for week 7 (even though we are in like week 10 lol). Just reading the first chapter so far i am in love with this book. I am so happy i picked it up, plus i figured that it was way past time for me to read it!

Brittany (gamerkiti) so i just finished reading this finally. it took me longer than expected, but that was due to some health issues i was having. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but was a little disappointed with the ending! after that magical adventure that they all had and to just end the book with them sitting in bilbo's hobbit-hole handing gandalf a jar of tobacco...i guess i will have to start the trilogy now to finish off the long on-going story :)

Steven Tackett | 66 comments I read this when I was younger but didn't necessarily appreciate it as much as I do now. I'm about a 3rd or so through and I've noticed so much how much lighter the book is to the movie series. Of course, the movies were made to be more adult, like the LOTR series than the more younger audience driven tale presented in the Hobbit book... perhaps the desire to match the flow and magnitude of the other LOTR movies locked out the desire to represent the Hobbit as it was written. Don't get me wrong, I thought the movies were good (still haven't seen the 3rd Hobbit movie yet) but it's nothing like the book.

Molly (mollymbowen) This was my pick, too. I really enjoyed it as I have not seen any of the movies and only had an inkling of what to expect.

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