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Lys (lysrowan) What is Read It & Reap?
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Title: Adaline
Author: Denise Kawaii
Genre: Science Fiction
: Formats Available: prc (kindle) and html
Pages: 292


He may look identical to the hundreds of other clone Boys that surround him, but there is something different about Boy 1124562. When he closes his eyes in the quiet of his sensor-filled cube his mind doesn't go blank like the rest of his brothers. Instead, 1124562 dreams.
With the help of a rogue teacher, 1124562 discovers that there is more to Adaline than brushed steel and robotic Nurses. When a Boy suddenly learns the coding to escape the secure pod, it seems that all of Adaline is on a hunt for anyone with an anomaly. When 1124562 finds himself strapped to a table, surrounded by artificially intelligent Nurses, the horror of an electric current pressed against his temples to erase his mind, he realizes just how dangerous being different can be.
This robotics inspired novel follows Boy 1124562 as he explores a world of cloning, artificial intelligence and telepathic connection. A perfect read for fans of Harry Potter, iRobot, War of the Worlds and Hunger Games.

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Kim (kimgm) | 2 comments

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Nicole | 6 comments Nicole: epub please.

message 5: by E.A. (last edited Jan 22, 2015 05:01AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

E.A. | 50 comments I would love to read this novel.

my email is:

Format: Any,

Thank you >.<


Sarah-Jayne Briggs | 184 comments Hi. I'd be interested in reading and reviewing a .mobi copy of this book. My e-mail address is

Thank you.


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David Ross (davidbross) Add me please
David B. Ross
mobi or epub

Barb McKinley (36021416-barbmckinley) I would love the opportunity to review this book. My email: I read a mobi format. Thanks for your consideration. Barb

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Hi, I'd love to read this! My email is, and I would like a Kindle copy.

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Annelle Angus (nell_angus) | 2 comments I would absolutely love a copy of this to read! My email is and I read in ePub format :)

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Lys (lysrowan) Tyla wrote: "

This book is available in mobi/prc and html.

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Lys (lysrowan) Nicole wrote: "Nicole: epub please."

This book is available in mobi/prc and html.

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Lys (lysrowan) Annelle wrote: "I would absolutely love a copy of this to read! My email is and I read in ePub format :)"

This book is available in mobi/prc and html.

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Hopeless Sky  (hopelessgirl) | 10 comments
please please i want to read it

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Linda Hamonou | 37 comments Can I have it in mobi please ?

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E.A. | 50 comments My Review is up

My Blog, Don't Judge, Read

Thank you Denise Kawaii for allowing me to read your amazing work.



Denise Kawaii (kawaiitimes) | 19 comments Thank you both for reading. :)

Sarah-Jayne Briggs | 184 comments I've just finished reading this book and here are the links to my review:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Barnes and Noble

My Blog

Thank you for the opportunity to read this.


Denise Kawaii (kawaiitimes) | 19 comments Thank you Sarah for reading.

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