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message 1: by Sonu (new)

Sonu Dhakar | 8 comments Hi, i wana get user email id for goodreads integration with my application, actually goodreads is not given any url so that i can get email id of user, its really needed for me, so please if you can then tell me the url so i can get user's email id.

message 2: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (jeffwong) | 74 comments Mod
Hi, I do not believe we can create an API call that maps user IDs to email addresses. That would expose all user email addresses to anyone with a developer key and would create the risk of gross privacy violations.

If you need to map a user ID in your app to a Goodreads user ID, you simply associate their user ID with their user ID on your side right after performing OAuth on behalf of the user. Presumably, you already have their email address, right?

If this is not the case, could you explain more what you are trying to achieve?

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