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message 1: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 16 comments Title - Serenity
Author - Leon de Kock
Publisher - Indie published on Kindle and others
Publication date - 21 January 2015
Format - Kindle and others
Description - Agatha Crow spent ten years in The Hack for a crime she did not commit.
It is time for revenge, and they will pay, those that put her behind bars. Because in jail Agatha learned the secret of hypnosis, and the children of her victims will do what she tells them, no matter what she tells them. She has planned this revenge for ten years, but as her mind slowly slips loose from the bonds of reality, there are some drastic changes to her plans.

High in the mountains, at the house called Serenity, the calm will be shattered by the screams of the innocent.

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message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 11256 comments Added here
If your book is also available in other formats, if you provide those data we can add those editions too.

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