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Paperback version about complete. Now what?

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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott Zavoda (ScottZavoda) | 22 comments I am nearly ready for print! I only wanted to do this for my family, friends and so I could have my own book in print. But what can you all suggest as far as marketing goes? Can I use the print version to increase sales? What would you do next to let people know its now available in print? Sorry, only worked with e-versions so far. Also, if anyone wants to critique my print cover, link is below.

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Hodges | 46 comments Cover's awesome.

Did you not do an e-book format?

If not, I would suggest publishing through Amazon and Smashwords (it's free).

As for marketing, well, I'm only recently published myself, so apart from letting everyone I've ever known about it, I'm trying to amass as many reviews as possible. I've contacted as many book-review bloggers as I can find to review my book as well (there's a list of such people at I might talk to local bookstores or libraries that showcase local authors.

Beyond that, it depends on how much you want to spend on advertising. If you want to spend a lot, there are marketing packages you can buy that run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. You can engage an agent, do a press release, schedule a virtual book tour, etc.

In short, there are so many things you can do, I've only scratched the surface.

Good luck!

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim Spencer | 5 comments Hi everyone. I put part of my free sample of my first chapter on Goodreads too and if you are interested in sci-fi, my book is "Humandroids" by Tim Spencer. If you put your sample on too, I will read it also. Can't help myself, I'm still excited about writing reading good stories.
Happy creating; Tim Spencer

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott Zavoda (ScottZavoda) | 22 comments Thanks, Pat. Its been on Amazon about 6 months and did fairly well for a few months but sales are lingering. I just had it edited and the newest version has been active about a week.

I've done some marketing.... KND, Genre Pulse, book Gorilla and a few others. I don't think the market is huge for short horror collections and will probably always be dominated by King, Konrath, and a few others we know well.

I would like to know how to do press releases. Started looking into it but quickly got lost with the myriad of sites and entry data. Seemed more tedious than the book itself. I have done some interviews and will look into a blog tour soon.

But is there anything I can do with the print version specifically that might spread readership?

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