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Forgetting about Someone

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message 1: by Lisha (last edited Jan 22, 2015 08:37AM) (new)

Lisha I think it is important not only for the reader to realize that Morrie is slowly dying with Mitch by his side, but that unless Mitch watched "Nightline" Morrie would have died without a goodbye from Mitch or Tuesdays with Mitch. There would be no storyline without Mitch remembering Morrie. Throughout the story Mitch has been feeling guilty that he never has seen his 'Coach" in sixteen years. Mitch FORGOT about him. He had to be reminded of the person who made him who he is today. The person who got him started in sports. The person who pushed him and became his friend. This goes to show even the most important people in our lives can be easily forgotten. Imagine if we forgot about someone for 20 or even 30 years. The person who shapes and molds you into who you are and became. Morrie changed the way Mitch thought in just a few weeks and Mitch has become the person he was sixteen years ago.

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Nea Great point. I wonder how Mitch's life might have been different if he'd had contact with Morrie during the years after college. I know Morrie gave him valuable life lessons in the weeks he had left on Earth, but it's impossible to totally make up for 16 years in 3 months. This serves as a powerful reminder for us all to nurture relationships, even when it's easier to make excuses and lose contact.

Anirudh Singh It's destiny may be...when people are misdirected, misguided...things happen, hints are given to get back on the road righteousness...Mitch had always been a good friend of Morrie, he had shared a unique bond with him. He might have changed superficially, but deep inside he was still the same student who always looked up to Morrie.
Things would have been much different if Mitch had still not ignored or procrastinated meeting him...giving prefernce to his work over Morrie.
Life never fails to give away its most valuable of lessons. It's us, who should be ever ready to keep learning every second. As Buddha has said, "you are a changed person every second, if you have accepted to change yourself, mold yourself with knowledge".

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