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continuity problem in this book?

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Katherina I'm doing a reread on the Chronicles and it is 10 years since I read this one the last time, but... is it only me or is there a canon flaw in this book?

Throughout the chronicles it is emphazided that vampires cannot see ghosts. In "The Queen of the Damned" especially it is noted that as soon as they become vampires, Maharet and Mekare loose the ability to see the spirits and communicate with them.
Basically the whole book is about "Vampires can't see ghosts and/or spirits, period".

And then you read "Memnoch" and read about Roger coming to Lestat in this New York bar and talking to him.

Maybe I overread something - or is there any explanation as to why Anne Rice suddenly changed the "ghost seeing properties" of her vampires?
It angered me a lot when I read this as a teen and it upsets me even now, but what if it's all canon and I just missed some point?

I'd be infinetly happy to receive some replies.


Shane Noble I just finished rereading Memnoch and wondered the same thing. I have a feeling it's just a case of the author changing her mind.

Katherina That would be really sad.
I mean, yes, there might be hints in the text, that Lestat can see spirits as he's "almost as powerful as an angel" (as was said by Memnoch, when Lestat managed to hit him).
But it still doesn't make sense since Maharet or Marius should be powerful enough to see them, too - while David T. shouldn't, but aparently is...

I could ask Ms. Rice herself, she's taking care of her facebook page on her own.
The question is - will she take the time to answer? I'd love that since I truly love the series but this inconsistency in the canon makes me feel really uneasy.

T. S. Larsen As I understood it the spirits Maharet and Mekare could see where demonic spirit beings, and not spirits of dead people, so they may just be different kinds of spirits. I don't know, that's just how I read it

Katherina That's an interesting possibility. If vampires can't see demonic spirits but can see spirits of dead people, it would be consistent again.
(And neither "Memnoch" nor 'Vittorio" would clash with the canon. I'd like that.)

T. S. Larsen I like to look at it like that :)

Anabella It's been awhile since I've read this book but yes you are correct. That's why I gave it a low rating.

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