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Fitzgerald's life linked to his book
Kara Thompson Kara Jan 21, 2015 10:00AM
How do you think Fitzgerald's relationship with Zelda inspired and shaped Gatsby's relationship with Daisy?

Do you see any other biographical links between Fitzgerald and his book The Great Gatsby?

It didn't. It was his relationship with Ginevra King that formed the basis for the Gatsby-Daisy relationship. Like Daisy, Ginevra rejected the young Fitzgerald because he was apparently too poor. The man she married (William Mitchell) was the basis of Tom Buchanan, and her real-life friend Edith Cummings (who was also a golfer) was the basis of Jordan.

Kara Thompson While that is true, his relationship with Zelda also greatly influenced a lot of his works. Fitzgerald fell in love with Zelda, but she would not be w ...more
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