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message 1: by Craig (new)

Craig Sisterson (kiwicraig) | 56 comments Published online today, after it was archived off the Book Council website. An opinion piece I wrote about New Zealand crime fiction in early 2010, that provoked (along with some other things), the creation of the Ngaio Marsh Award. I'd be interested in my fellow Kiwi booklovers thoughts about all this, if you'd care to share:

message 2: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1471 comments Good article, Craig.
I don't focus much on crime fiction (sci-fi and fantasy would use up a lot more of my reading time) but do enjoy some. I had most of the authors you mentioned already on my to-read list, and have added the others (thanks). I read another not so long ago - Laurie Mantell. She was published in the 1980s, which is an awkward place for me - not long enough ago for me to view in its historical perspective, and so making it feel 'dated'. I guess some of that has to do with the age we were at the time-setting of a novel.

message 3: by Craig (new)

Craig Sisterson (kiwicraig) | 56 comments Thanks Kathleen. I agree with you about Laurie Mantell. I have all of her books, and have read two. They do show their age/time period in the writing style etc, but I definitely enjoyed the second one a lot (perhaps I'd adjusted). I actually had a very strange response in the comments section of a post I wrote about her a few years ago, when some family members stumbled across it and started commenting (apparently she had died days before that post, so they had been Googling her etc). Check it out (I won't spoil the surprise):

message 4: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1471 comments Delightful! As you said after all the family comments, it's fascinating how one person can unwittingly say/write something that spurs a revelation!

message 5: by Craig (new)

Craig Sisterson (kiwicraig) | 56 comments Yes, it felt like an episode of "Missing Pieces" had broken out on my blog. Quite extraordinary really. And my original post about her, after stumbling over some internet references to this NZ crime writer I'd until then-recently never heard about, just happened to be the very day she died, in her 90s. Just so extraordinarily coincidental in so many ways... makes for a good story anyway...

message 6: by P.D.R. (new)

P.D.R. Lindsay (pdrlindsay) | 1643 comments That was gobsmacking amazing! Poor lass. I hope it's all sorted now to her satisfaction.

message 7: by Lesley (new)

Lesley | 1569 comments What an amazing coincidence to have posted on the day of the author's death! And what insight into the times and her life from that.

I read the Laurie Mantell books in the 1980/90s and really enjoyed them since they're all set around Wellington, particularly the Hutt Valley - my backyard! I could form very clear mental images of the settings. I am tempted to read them again since I can get them from the library.

message 8: by P.D.R. (new)

P.D.R. Lindsay (pdrlindsay) | 1643 comments I'd like to read them. Will hunt up and see if I can find a few cheaply!

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