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message 1: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Verhoeven (verhoevenv) | 1 comments Mod
Since I don't think this means anything for our group, I suggest we just put all books on the read shelf and disregard these required fields.

Feel free to add shelves for other attributes of books, like the 'java' shelf!

message 2: by Olivier (new)

Olivier Costa | 2 comments how can we add a shelf ?
--> i seem to only be able to add a shelf on my onw account...

thinking of:
- developer-general
- proxy
- Productowner
- scrummaster
- management

message 3: by Olivier (new)

Olivier Costa | 2 comments Ah I found a way (bit funny path)
when browsing the group's books, you have an 'edit' link for each book (at the end of the record)
there I found a 'choose shelves' link
where you can also add a 'new shelve'

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