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Mister_Owl (deonzoss) Hello! I was inspired by a post on r/books to create a group here on Goodreads so reddit users who have Goodreads accounts can all get together! The rules and such have yet to be announced but I think getting everybody together is a good first step! I think the most convenient aspect of this group is that we'll be able to list popular books that Reddit likes on here for people to access directly. The group is open to anybody so please invite any of your friends! Let me know your thoughts.

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Mister_Owl (deonzoss) ps. ive started working on reddits top 200 list. Will hopefully finish it tomorrow along with other lists.

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Mister_Owl (deonzoss) i'd be okay with it! I wish we could add flair or something next to our names that says what our reddit usernames are.

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