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Let's Write Another Story, Shall We?

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Maddie I thought we could do another story. So..Let's write a story(it does not have to be about Hush,Hush). You can write from a sentence to a paragraph- it doesn't matter how much you write.

First sentences:

My head feels like someone is slamming a jackhammer into my skull. My eyes are fogged over and I can't see anything clearly.

kaitie A pair of cold hands grab a hold of my waist as i leave that ground. Nausea rushes though me and darkness is all i can see

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Maddie I can only draw in small, gasping breaths. My heart is hammering against my chest so hard, I feel like one of my ribs might just break from the force of it.
"Shhh," rasps a male voice. He sounds like he's been sucker punched. I whimper, thinking that this may just be the end...


Talia As I jolt awake from the strange, scary dream, I see the sunlight filtering through my curtains, and hope that it truly was, just a dream.

Blair I hope. I hope. But I can't shake the feeling that somehow it's not. That I have experienced this before. As sweat drips down my brow and I struggle to catch my breath, I can't stop thinking about him.

Martha Torres His deep grey sad eyes that pierce my soul everytime he looked straight at me. I can't help but feel that he was trying to tell me something as if...

I shaked my head "he's not real!!! It was just a dream. Just like the others." I force myself out of bed and pushed the dream at the back of my mind.
Today was a special day. She didn't have time to think about a boy that didn't even exist. She needed to get ready, if not she would be late.

Blair But I mean it is a celebration for me so if somebody could be late, it would be me.

Running up to my closet, I yank open the door and scan the neatly organized, color coded masterpiece that is my wardrobe. I know exactly what I'll wear. Whether or not he is a dream, I know him so deeply from the nights he has spent roaming my subconcious, that I know this is what he would want me to wear.

I quickly push that thought out of my head and silently chastise myself for letting him influence me once again.

Megan Throwing on my pale pink summer dress, I take care of my hair and makeup, my thoughts continuously drifting back to him. 'He doesn't exist! Stop thinking about him!' I tell myself as I leave my bed room.

A Slight breeze drifts through the empty hall of my house. Today was my day and I wasn't going to let him ruin it for me.

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