The Giver (The Giver, #1) The Giver question

The title
Jamie Gordy Jamie Jan 20, 2015 06:27PM
Why do you think Lois Lowry chose to entitle this novel The Giver? I have a theory, but I am interested in what others think.

because the giver gives the memories to the receiver and i think it sounds better to have it as 'the giver' than 'the receiver.
i dont know, just sounds nicer i think

I think its because she was inspired by her fathers memory loss because I did a project on Lois Lowry and it said her father had memory loss. -_-

wow, that father's memory loss fact is interesting, I didn't know.

Personally the title didn't left me thinking because that was what it was all about, Jonas being selected as The Receiver of Memory and having to be trained by The Giver... the tittle was a clear thing to me and that's why it called my attention that someone made a discussion of it.

So I'm intrigued, what's your theory???

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