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K (poltergeist) | 6 comments TITLE: The Marvelous Village Veiled in Mist
or alternatively; The Mysterious Town Beyond the Mist (I think the translation can mean both those things, the book is in Japanese and translated to English).

JAPANESE AUTHOR: Sashiko Kashiwaba. TRANSLATOR: Christopher Holmes.

ISBN: 978-4-908001-00-0

PUBLISHER: The Japanese Literature Publishing Project.

PUBLISH DATE: The original Japanese story by Kashiwaba was published in 1974 and first translated in 1987, this book published by JLPP and translated by Christopher Holmes was published in 2014.

FORMAT: Paperback.

Description: This was the story that inspired Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away. Winner of the 1974 Kodansha Award for New Writers of Children's Literature, and the JAWC New Talent Award.

"Sixth-grader Lina spends a summer vacation in the Misty Valley, where her encounters with the eccentric residents there help her grow. A brilliant work of juvenile literature that served as inspiration for the Studio Ghibli animated film Spirited Away."
(taken from website).

For more info on the author and this book, here are links from the publishers (can you use the photo cover from the publishers? Not sure?)

COVER from publisher's site:

There is also some illustration in the book, but neither the Publisher's site nor my book mentions the illustrator?

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free (frdn) | 5201 comments

author name "sachiko" according publisher & worldcat...
some addition from worldcat (page count 189 & ISBN10)...
please check again if there is any mistake made...

message 3: by K (new)

K (poltergeist) | 6 comments Yep! Everything looks fine! Thank you!

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free (frdn) | 5201 comments couldn't add cover image from my gadget, I'll add when I'm on my desktop...or if there is any librarian with better gadget than mine... LOL

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Alex | 2736 comments Image added.

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