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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Here are the rules for this group. Please Obey them, punishment will be given for breaching of the rules. If you break the serious rules you are automatically out. Less serious breaches will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please sign your name below to say you agree.

1. No Cyberbullying- (view spoiler)
2. Respect fellow members- remember not everyone is comfortable with the same topics so avoid triggering topics outside of roleplaying
3. No sex- take it to pm or fade it out
4. Keep descriptions of injuries and violence to a minimum- again not everyone is comfortable with graphic descriptions.
5. Swearing is acceptable but please don't let every word that you type be a swear word
6. Standard English when roleplaying please, text talk is fine in the chat page or when asking me questions.
7. No Mary Sue characters- give them weaknesses, no-ones perfect
8. Detailed Characters
9. No Powerplay
10. At least 3 lines per a roleplay post

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
- Hayley

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 8 comments Fiend;

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 33 comments ~Laura

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Alpha Dor (novador) | 19 comments Alpha

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~ Dr. Jamie Gideon

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Josefina Diaz Vazquez (holajosefina) | 2 comments -Josefina.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 1 comments ~ Strike

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) - Maska

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