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Which character should be spun off and why ? (For those who have finished the story)

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Ankit Sood I at times feel that some of the characters werent given justice and require furthur development, which could be taken as a spin off from the main theme of Naruto. What are your views? Which character do you think could have a played out an end differentl.


You can ressurrect a character and can also kill some if you dont like them.

Ankit Sood For Example.

I think Black Zetsu wasnt developed a lot, although everything eventually leads to him.. I would like to debate or further develop the existence of Black Zetsu.

It is been told that it is a child of The Senju and Kaguya. How is it possible to manifest a child such as this.?

Weller C. I personally don't think mizuki was in it enough. He is after all, the one that made naruto unleash the shadowclone jutsu, give the guy some credit!

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