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Hey! So what kind of RPS should we do? I mostly do them based off of movies.

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Okay what movie? How about the Killers? seen it?

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(I haven't seen that.)

I also do free kind. It's when we take a crush from two different movies and make it into a story.

Movies I've seen:

Night at the Musum 1 & 2 (I still have yet see the 3rd one.)
The Avengers 1 (saw it once)
Thor 2: The Dark World (saw it once)
StarWars 1-6 (I still have yet to see the 7th one.)
Narnia 1-3

Feature Films For Families Movies:

Keeping The Promise
Caddie WoodLawn



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Sorry... back. Can we do the Avengers?

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Here's my character.

Name: Kaye Caza BuckAce.
Hero Name: Mysterious.

Title Name: The Living Legend. But everyone call her Legend for short. Except Banner. He calls her by her real name.

Age: 25
Gender: Female.

Looks: her light fairy side has Black hair, Purple eyes, clear wings, and regular teeth.
her dark fairy side has Red hair, Jotun eyes, Vampire like Fangs, and Black wings.


Personality: Kindness (Her kindness shows compassion to others, but she shows little mercy to the villains. She makes sure that the villains suffer slowly in the dungeons.) Love (She shows love towards the Avengers and their probelms. This is her friendship love.) Friendly (She's very friendly towards the Avengers. Except Nick Fury. She ignores him.) Nice (She's very nice and helps out when someone is in need. Even when she's busy.) The only time that she's in a bad mood is when: either Nick Fury is yelling at her for no reason or the villains are hurting her friends, then she goes into rage of anger and grabs the bullies by the neck while slamming them against the wall.

Outfit: Her own suit.
Hero outfit: Black Shorts, Black T-Shirt, and Black Shoes.
Friends: Everyone in Stark Tower. Including Bucky Barnes.
Enemies: Villains, Bullies, and Nick Fury. (She hates him.)

Powers: Invisibility (She turns into her Ghost form to sneak up on the villains. Or to sneak into the secret room of the villains.) She can survive in warm weather and cold weather without dying. Flying (She flies while carrying one person in her arms.)

Sex: Not Gay, Not Bi. Just regular. (She's only marrying Bruce.)
Specie: Part Light Fairy and Part Dark Fairy. (HUMAN SIZE!)

Other: She's Dr. Banner's best friend and she's in love with him. She doesn't believe in NORSE Myths.

History: Unknown. She doesn't remember much of her history.

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Okay do we make new characters or what? I've never done one off of a movie.

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I just made my OC. We can have a crush from the movie, but we're making our own StoryLine.

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(So what character do you have for this RP and what kind of Genre should we have?)

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Name: Star Niles
Hero Name: Starfire

Age: 23
Gender Female

Looks: Red and black hair, green eyes. She looks like a normal human however she has two hearts.

Personality: She doesn't talk much because she's only just learning how to speak English. Kind (in her own way... She is from an alien planet where when you were mean to others that is how the people knew you liked them.) Angry. ( She's almost always angry at anyone and because of anything.)


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(I like her so far.)

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Outfit: Jeans mostly and a tight t-shirt
Hero suit: A red and green suit that has SF on the front.
Friends: No one yet.
Enemies: Villains

Powers: Flying. Produces fire out of her hand (thus the name Starfire). Strength.

Sex: Straight.
Species: Varcareithian

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(And who's her crush?) (My crush is: Bruce Banner.)

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