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Before I Go To Sleep (Week 2)

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Avery Manousos In this week's reading, everything is uncovered. Christine finds out that the "accident" that Ben had said caused the attack was in fact all because of a stupid affair Christine had. Christine was cheating on her husband, and she had met the man at a hotel near her home. At that point, she wanted to break things off and told him, but he became furious and hurt her, causing her to be hospitalized and have amnesia. Neither Ben nor Dr.Nash told her this in fear of hurting her, but she instead found out through quick glimpses of these memories in her mind. Ben especially wouldn't tell or show her much - whenever she tried to ask to see pictures of her son, he said there had been a fire at their home and lost everything. In the meantime, she remembers Claire a lot more, and asks Dr.Nash about her, who tracked her down and found that she lived nearby. Christine decides to talk to her, and when she does, she finds out that in the nearly twenty years since her accident, she had been put in a mental ward. She would only recognize her son, and sometimes she would even think that Ben was trying to steal her son, not that he was the father. She discovers also that he had in fact was separated from her, but she realizes that now they're back together, so everything must be okay. She writes all this in her journal, but unfortunately, when she goes home after meeting with Claire, she asks Ben about all this new information and he gets angry and hurts her. The next day, her journal was only written up to after meeting Christine, and it appeared as if nothing else was written, so she was unaware that Ben had hurt her or that she should be suspicious. A few days after this, Ben decides that he and Christine should take a trip. She agrees, still unaware that she shouldn't trust him. As they get to the hotel, however, she gets worried, feeling as if she had been there before. She realizes that it's the same hotel in which she was hurt by the man she was having an affair with. She gets nervous, and when Ben is in the shower, she goes through his bag and finds her journal, ans sees that some pages were carefully ripped out. She reads these pages, and finds out that she had called Claire after Ben had hit her. On the phone with Claire, she discovered that her son is alive and grown up, living just a few towns over. He thought that Christine was still in the mental ward, where he wasn't supposed to visit her, so he didn't know that she was taken home. Christine found this suspicious but didn't say anything as Claire continued to explain, finding out that Ben wasn't telling the truth about a lot of things. Trying to find out what's real and what's not, Christine asks if Claire knew about the fire they had, which Ben had told her about that destroyed all their pictures. Claire said there had never been a fire, and she urgently asks what Ben looks like. Christine describes him as she knows him now, and Claire tells her she is not with the real Ben, and she hasn't been for a long time. The writing stops, and Christine realizes that the man she is with that she thought was her husband is in fact the man who hurt her and caused her to have amnesia, Mike. When he comes out of the shower he sees that Christine has discovered the truth, and his plan is ruined. His whole plan was to try to get her to love him again, by bringing her back to the hotel and getting her to remember the night everything happened, so that he could convince her that he was the good guy. Christine refuses to believe him and says she never would want to be with him, causing him to lash out and hurt her again, so she blacks out. When she wakes up, she is in a hospital with Dr. Nash, Claire, her son Adam, and the real Ben, and Mike is dead. Ben tells her he never knew she was out of the mental ward and with Mike - he was in Italy for work, and she didn't remember him anyway, so he was scared to keep trying. However, he assures her now that he loves her, planning to take her home the next day so they can be together, with Christine's amnesia or not. Fortunately for Christine, Dr. Nash tells her that being beat again along with her seeing him and keeping the journal has lead to some progression - that she will be able to remember things again, slowly, but she will remember.
The end!

Joshua In the book when she said in her diary, don't trust Ben. I was like SHIT!!!

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