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message 1: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo (ricardofayet) | 2 comments Here's a quick message to present you Reedsy! We are building a community of top publishing professionals (editors, illustrators and soon marketers) to work with authors:

Reedsy is very curated: so far, 200 amazing publishing professionals selected among 3,000 applications. They are coming from the best publishing houses and have about 4,000 books in their portfolios. Here are some of them:

Jane Friedman:
Rebecca Heyman:
Kiele Raymond:
Averill Buchanan:
Tom Flood:

Mark Karis:
Nicole Caputo:
Daniel Cullen:
Mark Ecob:

Any thoughts or comments are more than welcome!

message 2: by Debs (new)

Debs (cheldesa) | 1 comments Great idea! I just set up an account and hope to utilize the services.

message 3: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo (ricardofayet) | 2 comments Glad you like it, Debs!

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