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message 1: by Almeta (new)

Almeta (menfrommarrs) | 10452 comments Debra fractured her femur at the ball near her hip recently. Don't really know how. When the lab technician viewed her x-rays he noticed several spots throughout her body.

Her cancer has returned. She started a round of treatments yesterday.

This is her third time fighting this battle. She is a survivor. Please keep her in your prayers. They helped the last two times. They will be helpful again!

P.S. She wants to be sure that I can read her "brown book" for the Toppler, in case she can't finish hers. So don't worry, I got it covered!☺

message 2: by Jayme (new)

Jayme | 2566 comments Sending healing thoughts and soothing prayers. Thank you Almeta for keeping us posted.

Saar The Book owl | 1863 comments Sending my positive thoughts and keeping her in my prayers. Thanks, Almeta, for sharing.

message 4: by Sarah, Moderator (new)

Sarah | 18199 comments Sorry to hear that. I'll keep her in my thoughts.

message 5: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 2364 comments Well isn’t that kicking a gal when she’s down 😣
Sending all of good mojo that I can muster, and wishing her a speedy recovery in both fronts ❤️

message 6: by Elsbeth (new)

Elsbeth (elsbethgm) | 1136 comments Oh, that is tough! I hope she gets well soon! Best wishes to you both!

message 7: by Kristie, Moderator (new)

Kristie | 14471 comments Oh no. So sorry to see this, Almeta. She will be in my thoughts and prayers for sure, as will you. My family always says, "third times the charm." She'll kick it for good this time! Hugs to you both.

message 8: by Esther (new)

Esther (nyctale) | 4517 comments oh no. Sending some positive energy her way.
thanks for letting us know.

message 9: by Roz (new)

Roz | 3749 comments I remember when Debra had cancer 8 years ago. She beat it then. She can do it again. You're right Almeta. Debra is a survivor. She's strong and a fighter and doesn't give up. She didn't then, and won't now. She's in my thoughts and prayers. Funny that she would be concerned about her "brown" book.

message 10: by Ayacchi (new)

Ayacchi | 1129 comments Sending all the best wishes for her recovery ‪︎‬︎❤︎

message 11: by Cherie (new)

Cherie (crobins0) | 20362 comments Oh no. I am sorry to hear that it has returned, Almeta. I will keep you both in my thoughts. Fight on, Debra!!!

message 12: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9574 comments I'm sorry to hear the cancer is back but we all know how strong Debra is. She and your family will be in my prayers. Huge hug.

message 13: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 50475 comments I'm really sorry to hear this news, Almeta. Please let her know that we are thinking of her and sending healing vibes her way. *hugs*

message 14: by Rusalka, Moderator (new)

Rusalka (rusalkii) | 17615 comments Oh man, Debra never does things by halves does she? Make sure she knows we're thinking about her and I'm sending her heaps of kick arse and healing vibes.

Pity Johnny Depp is on the nose this time ;)

message 15: by Margo (new)

Margo | 10099 comments Very sorry to hear that Almeta. Debra is in my thoughts.

message 16: by Lilisa (new)

Lilisa | 2472 comments Sorry to hear about Debra - all the best as she fights this thing. Sending positive vibes and blessings her way and be sure to take care of yourself too, Almeta.

message 17: by Pragya (new)

Pragya  (reviewingshelf) | 3612 comments Sorry to hear that Almeta. I am sure Debra will defeat it yet again. You're in my prayers.

message 18: by Debra (new)

Debra (debra_t) | 6542 comments I've got this! As I said on the Toppler thread, third time's the charm, right?

The cancer isn't as bad as my bout in 2008, which was Non-Hodgkins Large Disffuse Be Cell Lympoma.

This time is similar to what I had in 2017 with 4 tumors: Non-Hodkins Follicular Lymphoma. The treatment I received then and am receiving now is one drug that did a great job last time of eliminating all but 1 tumor. That 1 tumor shrunk to half it's size.

This time I have many tumors, but they are all subcutaneous, no organs involved. I'm getting the same chemo... I call it chemo light because it doesn't have the terrible side effects as more extensive chemo. I won't lose my hair, which is awesome!

The fracture has been a terribly painful ordeal, but I'm much better now. And we wouldn't have found the cancer this soon if it hadn't been for the MRI that found the fracture. Blessings in disguise!

So... thanks again everyone for the prayers and kind thoughts. I've got this, with all my friends and family supporting me!

So, I guess I can do without Johnny Depp this time, Rus... lol

message 19: by Lori Z (new)

Lori Z | 1884 comments You've got this Debra! Sending prayers for a quick and complete recovery!

message 20: by Renee (new)

Renee (elenarenee) | 1633 comments Debra you have my prayers and best wishes.

message 21: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15433 comments I'm very sorry that you have to go through this again Debra. All my best wishes for you!

message 22: by Debra (new)

Debra (debra_t) | 6542 comments Thanks everyone!

message 23: by jaxnsmom (new)

jaxnsmom | 8286 comments Debra - sorry you have to go through this again, but I'm glad it was caught soon. And YAY on no hair loss!

I'm glad the fracture is doing better and I hope they're giving you some good drugs!

message 24: by Debra (new)

Debra (debra_t) | 6542 comments Good drugs didn't dent the fracture pain. I couldn't believe people were expected to tolerate that level of pain. Thankfully, that is all behind me. My pain is back to a more bearable, manageable level.

Sorry, you got me going for a minute there, J-Mom! lol

The Oncology folks have me on a great drug. My 2nd treatment went smoothly. I'm feeling much better!

message 25: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 50475 comments I'm glad to hear your pain level is more manageable, Debra. And that your 2nd treatment went well.

Good to see you j'mom! It's been a while since you've posted.

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