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dany (elothwen)
      realistic fiction
      romance OR friendship

    flight delay

        Muse A has taken a well-deserved vacation from work and is on their way home for the holidays. Presents are wrapped and they've packed their bags. Muse A is as ready as they’ll ever be to deal with the stress and excitement of joining their family once again, but what they weren't prepared for was to be stuck at the airport for an undetermined amount of time. A very unexpected ice storm has delayed their flight back to their small town for what the airport estimates to be at least 48 hours.

        Muse B has found themselves in the same predicament, stranded at the airport upon trying to get a last minute flight home to visit their relatives. They make each other’s acquaintance while choosing their holiday meal from the same vending machine. After a bit of small talk, they find out they are both travelling alone, and Muse A and Muse B decide to keep each other company for the duration of the flight delay.

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dany (elothwen)
        Pushing the button on the vending machine, Sam watched as the bag of chips slowly fell forward and into the bottom. Reaching for them, she sighed. Guess this is as close as I'm getting to Christmas Eve dinner, she thought, eyeing the window near her.

        Snow fell heavily, and she could hardly see out the frosted glass. It might have been a cozy feeling if Sam hadn't been stuck inside an empty airport in Denver alone just a day before Christmas Eve.

        Samantha was supposed to be on a flight to Bootjack, California, a truly small town with only 960 residents. It wasn't glamorous, but it was supposed to be home, and it would be a change from her secretary job in New York City. Sam had already been traveling for hours, and it was just her luck that she'd gotten stuck at DIA.

        Just as Sam had begun to turn away from the vending machine and window, she felt someone she definitely hadn't noticed before collide into her shoulder.

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dany (elothwen)
        Samantha shrugged her shoulders, brushing it off and heading to sit in one of the many available seats in the airport. She noted that the 'sorry' the man gave her had a bit of an accent to it, and wondered vaguely why someone from wherever he was from would want to come to America. Then she remembered it was Christmas and was glad she hadn't said anything out loud.

        The eerie silence in the airport made Sam feel awkward, like she should have been saying something, anything. Clearing her throat, she opened the bag of chips, cringing at how loud it sounded, seemingly echoing throughout the tall ceilings of Denver International Airport.

        Pulling out her phone, Samantha attempted to pass the time by trying to call her mother back home again. Not only did she not answer yet again, but her phone died right after alerting her that the connection had been lost. What luck. Groaning, Sam stuffed it back into her bag, wondering what she would even do for two days. She could leave, sure, but to where, and how?

        Samantha had no car out there, and surely the buses wouldn't be running. She definitely didn't know her way around Denver, so there was no getting a hotel room. She was stuck.

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dany (elothwen)
        Samantha's head snapped up from staring at her lap, realizing the voice matched the apology she'd heard just a few moments prior. Watching as he took a seat right next to her, Samantha shrugged her shoulders at his question. The winds howled outside, and despite the large and thick walls around them, they were still distant and audible.

        "Hi... and no, of course not," she replied nonchalantly, crossing her legs. The people at the airport couldn't care less about getting them to where they needed to be. They just did their job and got paid, much like people that worked at other places.

        "They told me what they probably told you. Forty-eight hours for any plane to take off, which means that there's a possibility for it to take longer. Hopefully it won't be too late for the California flight..." she drifted off, sighing.

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dany (elothwen)
        Samantha nodded. "Yeah, California. But I doubt you've heard of the town, so... It's Bootjack." It was a dumb name, Sam had always thought, even when she was younger. At least it's not called Pumpkin Center, she thought to herself, scoffing under her breath at the name of the town her sister had moved to when she married. That brought another question to mind; would there be any announcements at the Christmas gathering? Her sister might be pregnant. They might have gotten a divorce. As much as Sam hated to admit it, she didn't talk to her family as much as she should or used to.

        "Where are you headed?" She added, a slight New York accent in her speech, despite having lived in California for most of her life. Brushing some fallen auburn hair from her face, Sam looked over at him.

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dany (elothwen)
        "Nice to meet you. I'm Samantha, and yes, my family. First time in a long time." It was a bit of a personal thing to share, but it's not like she would ever see this guy again.

        "You know, if you're looking for updates, you can go ask the lady at the desk again. She'll probably just be a bitch like she was to me, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try." She laughed, though, because that was unlikely. That desk clerk wasn't going anywhere for Christmas, either, by the looks of it.

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dany (elothwen)
        Before Samantha could respond, a light high above her flickered. And then another, not too far away. And then they were all out, and a few exasperated sighs were heard at the other end of the quiet airport. Sam heard the clicking of heels, and she could see the woman at the desk approaching them. "Apologies, but the weather seems to have caused a mishap. Once we get the generators on, I assure you we'll have lights on again in no time." She smiled fakely and left.

        Samantha sneered in the dark and looked back to Matt. "Well, Matt, looks like we're stuck in the dark now. Those huge, clunky, old generators they're probably using will take forever to get working."

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