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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (dandyjenn) Hello! I am new to this group, as well as to the cozy mystery genre. I am completely without a clue where I should begin looking for authors, series, or books to read! I am a Christian and would love some suggestions that do not contain sex, swear words, witchcraft, etc. The book does not necessarily need to be specifically for Christians (i.e. talk about faith, get saved, or mention God), but I would appreciate suggestions that would be considered "clean" for anyone to read. Thanks!

message 2: by Christine (new)

Christine (cj-mo) | 1352 comments You may like the Hope Street Church series. The first book in the series is The Path of the Crooked.

I would also recommend Marta Perry for her Amish series, as well as Emily Brightwell for her Victorian Mrs. Jeffries mystery series.

message 3: by Tari (new)

Tari (thann) | 195 comments I've not gotten around to reading Hope Callaghan's books yet, but they sound awesome. A couple of of the series are Garden Girls and Cruise Ship Christian Cozy. You could always find her website and start getting her newsletter to get a feel for what her books are like, but she says hers are clean, cozy reads. Hope that helps!

message 4: by Heather L , Cozy Mysteries Moderator (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) | 20147 comments Mod
You might try Emilie Richards, whose “Ministry is Murder” series features a minister’s wife as the main character. First book in the series is Blessed Is The Busybody. You might also want to check out the “Father Brown” series by G.K. Chesterton.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (dandyjenn) Thanks y'all! I added them to my TBR list so I can look them up through my library's ILL system when I get a minute. So glad to have a place to start! :)

message 6: by Sally (new)

Sally Carpenter | 60 comments Cozy Cat Press has a number of cozy authors, although some books may have mild profanity. The Sandy Fairfax series was recently revised into clean reads. All new ebooks and print books will have the changes; used print copies will not. The Psychedelic Spy series has a Christian protagonist.

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (dandyjenn) Thanks, Sally! I'll look into those!

message 8: by Heather L , Cozy Mysteries Moderator (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) | 20147 comments Mod
Jennifer— You might also like the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton. No murders at all in those, but plenty of interesting mysteries.

message 9: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (dandyjenn) Great! Thanks again, Heather! Y'all are being so helpful!

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