Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) Scarlet question

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☞Anish☜ ☞Anish☜ Jan 19, 2015 08:49AM
what would you change about scarlet

If you are refering to the book and not the character, then I would have liked to have less Cinder pov in it. I was just reading Scarlet's story and just when things were going to get interesting, you got Cinder's story interupting the storyline. But as a character, I really liked Scarlet and I wouldn't change anything about her.

Nothing tbh. In fact, I wish we saw more of her in Cress. Can't wait to see where Winter take us.

I think I would not have as much of Cinders pov, too, because, I mean, she did just get a whole book all to herself. I would put a little bit of her pov, but only because people need to know how she got out of jail, and who she met.

Scarlet needs intelligence. She spent so long trying to figure out that the guy was not just a normal human that I abandoned the entire series. I was SO BORED.

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