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Fire and Fangs (Blood and Flames, #1)
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Josephine McNabb | 5 comments I would love more reviews for Fire and Fangs as I'm due to release the second in the series (Imperfect Harmony) by the end of February.

No one knows that they are living alongside the creatures that horror stories are made of...
Danni Malone grew up fighting monsters and catching rogues. She keeps her powers hidden and is desperate to live a normal life with her boyfriend Greg.
Keri Jenkins joined the Paranormal Division of the Government after a horrific incident that left her orphaned.
Both of these women are thrown together to catch the person trying to kill the influential Vampire Nest Master Damon. They move in with him and pose as his new security, dealing with threats and assassination attempts.
Will they catch the would-be-killer in time?
Will they be able to save the supernatural community from disaster?
Or will these women lose everything?

Follow the story of a budding friendship, a tragic past and kick ass heroine team!

Available in PDF/MOBI/EPUB formats. :)

Karen (wwwgoodreadscomkaren_mirisola) | 2 comments Hi Josephine, I am definitely interested in reading Fire and Fangs per your email above. I would gladly provide and honest review on all platforms that want.

I have my kindle, so a .mobi format woumd be preferred.

Please let me know if you still have eBooks available.

Thank you very much for the opportunity!

Kind Regards,

Josephine McNabb | 5 comments That would be wonderful Karen! Send me a quick e-mail at jose91ire(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send the ebook in MOBI format right to you.


Heidi (hhammack) | 5 comments Hi Josephine,
If you are still looking for reviewers, I would be interested. MOBI would be great and you can send it to Thanks, Heidi

Josephine McNabb | 5 comments Yes, I am still looking for reviews. All and any are welcome! :)

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