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A Buddy Read is when you read a book in a certain amount of time with one or more other people who also want to read that book. See below how it works.

Step 1: Find a Buddy - You may post on the Buddy Reads Request thread, any books you plan on reading. If you are interested in buddy reading a book someone else has put up, let them know! Once you have found another person/s to read a book with, you can create a new topic for it in the “Buddy Reads” folder. Please post your thread in this format: Book Name (Person + Person)

Step 2: Plan your Buddy Read - Of course, it’s up to you how you choose to conduct your Buddy Read, but it’s recommended to set a reading pace by allocating a certain amount of chapters a day for you and your buddy/s to read which you can discuss after reading, each day. For example, you may decide to read 5 chapters a day, so once you both read the five chapters you can discuss your thoughts on the book, and repeat that same process again the next day, until you finish the book!

Step 3: Read and Discuss!! - Once you work out a day to start, and how much you want to read and discuss each day, start reading the book and discussing with your buddy/s! Make sure that you don’t go any further without talking and discussing about the previous chapters together. And of course, have fun!

I hope this clarifies any confusion :)

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yeah thanks!

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