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message 1: by Matt (last edited Oct 10, 2020 06:04PM) (new)

Matt | 11 comments I finished my 66k word YA speculative fiction. However, I wrote the first chapter last. So I’m trying to see if anyone cares to swap with 2800 words (the length of your first chapter doesn’t matter.)

Blurb: New York City, 2051. William, an 18-year-old android, incinerates 99% of humanity but is soon left wondering if he made a mistake. With the guilt of annihilation weighing down on him, he seeks redemption by building a simulation to see what the future would have held for humanity had he not destroyed the past. But his simulation, while accurate, has one unexpected side effect; it has created a digital God, named T.S. Now trapped in T.S.’s universe, William is given the opportunity to find if he was meant to fulfill his purpose. There is only one problem. William has until only midnight to discover the truth behind the creatures he incinerated or risk the answer and himself being lost forever.

Message me if you’re interested and I can have your beta back within a few days.

message 2: by Jess (new)

Jess Lindel | 3 comments I wouldn't mind! my first chapter is only 1000, but I would love to swap!

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