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The Caves of Tavannar (The Crystal Keeper Trilogy, #1)
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Tana (tana_t) The Caves of Tavannar (The Crystal Keeper Trilogy, #1) by W.J. Lennox W.J. Lennox

Genre: Teen/YA fantasy

The Caves of Tavannar (The Crystal Keeper Trilogy, #1)

Book Description:

In the two hundred years since the Mesorian War, the world of Galidom has become a divided realm. But the return of an ancient enemy known as the Drogarians, shape-shifting creatures, capable of mind control, threatens to throw Galidom into turmoil once again.

Back on Earth, a family secret that has remained hidden for over a century is about to be discovered… something, that in the hands of an ordinary thirteen year old girl from Scotland will have immeasurable consequences for both these interconnected worlds.

When Josie Jenkins is drawn into the alien world of Galidom, she is led on a perilous rescue mission to the caves of Tavannar where friends’ lives hang in the balance and danger lies around every corner. Josie must face her worst fears to free those enslaved by the dark sorcerer, Zarek and his allies the Drogarians. But how can one frightened thirteen year old girl overcome forces of darkness that have the power to tear a world apart?

The Caves of Tavannar is the first book in the Crystal Keeper trilogy. A story of friendship, courage, sacrifice and hope, it will take you on an extraordinary journey, where the entwined strands of time and destiny come full circle in a thrilling and unexpected conclusion.

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Pam (booklovelounge) | 1 comments Pam

Sarah-Jayne Briggs | 54 comments Hi. I'd be interested in a PDF copy of this book. My e-mail address is cat2002116@yahoo.com.

Thank you.


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Tana (tana_t) sent Sarah and Pam emails

Sarah-Jayne Briggs | 54 comments I've just finished reading this book and here are the links to my review:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Barnes and Noble

My Blog

Thank you for the opportunity to read this.


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