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Post all rebels, northern and southern, here.

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avery ♞ do something revolutionary (averyreadsbooks) | 714 comments Mod

' My sun sets to rise again. '

Name: Emma Maggie Atkinson
↳ German, "universal"
↳ Greek, "pearl"

↳ Gender: Female
↳ Sexuality: Heterosexual
↳ Relationship status: Dating Alexander/Andrew Lavine

↳ Apparent age:17/18
↳ Actual age: 17
↳ Birthday: May 10
↳ Birth stone: Emerald
↳ Birth flower: Lily of the Valley

Caste: 8 (Previously 3)
Occupation: Northern Rebel


↳ Hair color: Light brown
↳ Eye color: Brown
↳ Height: 5'7"
↳ Weight: 140 pounds
↳ Face Claim: Amber Tamblyn

Emma is not an optimist. She's always looking at how things could go wrong and has a dark sense of humor. Emma is a feminist, obviously, and defends that. No matter the consequences. She's rarely emotional: the only time she's cried over age 7 was when she broke her arm. Emma is very dedicated to her cause, obviously, and hates the queen more than anything. Emma is sly and cunning, as well as sarcastic.

↳ Other rebels
↳ Sleeping in
↳ Having her way

↳ Sexism
↳ Queen Maeve
↳ Death

↳ Strong (Physically)
↳ Efficient
↳ Strong-Willed

↳ Stubborn
↳ Pessimistic
↳ Slightly apathetic

Emma Maggie Atkinson was born on May 10, a gorgeous spring day. Her parents, Margaret and Billy, had already had 2 children before her: May and John, the twins. One more was born when Emma was already 7: Molly.

Margaret worked as a college professor, whereas Billy was a librarian. They both made good, sustaining incomes. They were both born as Threes and had never experienced true hard times. In fact, John's parents were quite wealthy. Because of this, they had no reason to oppose the caste system and no reason to donate to the lower castes. Emma, on the other hand, saw just how awful it really was and opposed that. Her parents began to scorn her, calling her stupid and over dramatic for not liking the way things worked.

When she was 13, Emma had enough. She finally just snapped. Calling out her parents on all their bad deeds, she got into huge trouble. In the middle of the night, she packed some food and clothes in a bag and left their house. Emma recognized the symbol of the northern rebels-she'd seen it on all of them once when a large group of rebels was being arrested-and found somebody that morning. He took her to the nearest camp, and she's been there ever since.


↳ Mother: Margaret Atkinson: 52
"Mom, well, she's not good. She's one of those people who comes off as sweet and nice but is actually the cruelest witch you'll ever meet. I'm so glad to be rid of her."

↳ Father: John Atkinson: 51
"Dad is at least better than Mom. He just kind of doesn't care unless it bothers him. He didn't care about me, definitely, until Mom brought it to his attention. He just follows her orders like a lost puppy."

↳ Sister: May Atkinson: 19
"May's pretty nice. She's could've become good: she's smart and sensible. She just doesn't like to rebel. May is definitely the most responsible of all my siblings."

↳ Brother: John Atkinson: 19
"John's okay. He's also like Dad in that he doesn't care at all unless it bothers him. He probably won't ever do anything significant with his life."

↳ Sister: Molly Atkinson: 10
"Molly's the baby of the family. She was just so naive and sweet when I left. It's hard to believe she's already 10. Of all my siblings, she was my favorite. Definitely the hardest to leave behind."

x x x

avery ♞ do something revolutionary (averyreadsbooks) | 714 comments Mod

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